IBP’s Official Proofreader Author Janie Storer

IBP's Official Proofreader Author Janie Storer

Janie E.M. Storer was born in Essex, England in 1976. She qualified as a nurse in 1998. She
then Moved to the North East of England, where she made a new life for herself and a new
home. She did well at school and university, and enjoyed learning new things. She has a
particular interest in history of societies, such as Ancient Greece, Rome, And Egypt. She would like to travel the world one day, especially keen on taking a cruise or a trip on the Orient Express.

She stayed in Chicago, Illinois for some time in 2000 and 2001, growing keen on the American culture and way of life. She hopes to visit more of the USA over time. She loves nature, and is a keen amateur photographer in her spare time. She lives with her family in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and married in 2013.

She has a love for vampire movies and books. She likes horror movies in general. She is also a big Dan Brown and Virginnia Andrews fan. Some of her favourite films are The Matrix, The Da Vinci Code, Angels And Demons, and the Saw films.

During her first years of school her report said she would never learn to read or write well. By The last year of junior school she had read the ENTIRE school library of books, including the full unabridged version of Lorna Doon. At age 11 she was given a book by her teacher at school, called Daddy Long Legs, and this became a firm favourite, along with Pollyanna. She loves the classic books, as well as science fiction, and crime / murder mysteries.She has a love of crafts such as knitting, crochet, quilting, and cross stitch.

Janie is working on her first book now with the next 4 already planned ahead.

One thought on “IBP’s Official Proofreader Author Janie Storer

  1. Hello! There is an awards ceremony at my place today. I’ve awarded you the Liebster Award. You will find at http://www.dark-indiscretions.com. Congratulations!


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