Author Live Chat With Fans

The book industry is going through a phenomenal change via internet where books now get sold online faster and easier. Internet marketing plays a pivotal role in publicizing your books. However, the fundamental rule of marketing applies regardless of the medium you use to sell. A good network system, a genuine approach and consistent engagement with potential buyers will help in selling more copies of your book(s)!

How well do you know about your readers? What are their responses or feedback after reading your book(s)? Authors who engage with their readers are more likely to have a stronger fan-base.

It’s our mission at IBP to enhance your web and social media presence by building your fan base and encouraging a healthy author-fan relationship via video marketing.

Get to know your fans via our “Author Live Chat with Fans” session for only $50 !

View the past live chats here ! You can view our calendar to pick a date we are available to host a Live Chat for you!

To book a date or to get more details, contact us.

  • Live Chat session will be hosted via Google + Hangouts On Air
  • We will walk you through the process! Don’t worry about the technical issues!
  • Chat session lasts for 30 minutes and you can invite TWO (2) fans to join us on-screen.
  • The interview will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube instantly for you to playback and share it around.

Buy now, book later!


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When I showed my book trailer “Leadership by Virtue” to my family members, they just said “WOW that is great!”. International Book Promotion was a superb experience. From video trailer, to video review and all marketing efforts they’ve put into promoting my book and the video on FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, blogs … just to name some. IBP is innovative, efficient, and their services are of excellent quality, so I would strongly recommend them to you. — Jaro Berce, Author of Leadership by Virtue.


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