All my books are about my wife in one way or another: Author Interview with Stephen A. Adams

Hi there. My name is Stephen Adams.
I recently lost Sue, my wife of 40 years, to cancer. I miss her terribly.
While going through my albums, I found an envelope, inside of which was an old black and white photo of Sue when she was about 8 years old. I had never seen the picture before.
It reminded me that Sue used to talk about an old hut and hall where she and her friends would go to play in the school holidays.
A friend turned the photo into colour, I enlarged it to 10″x12″, and I put it in a nice frame.
I must have looked at it for days, until suddenly I was able to imagine a story about her.
That story became a book : Special Susie and the Mystery of the Wooden Hut.
While I was waiting for the illustrations to be done, I thought I’d catch up with a bit of reading. But I couldn’t find the books that I wanted to read. Anyway, after a little thought, an idea became : Special Susie and the Mystery of the Missing Books.
Totally delighted with these stories about my Sue as an eight year old, I thought it would be fun to add me as an eleven year old boy. (In real life I’m 3 years older than Sue).
So that idea became a third book : Special Susie and the Mystery of the Shy Boy.
n.b. I’ve been asked why the name ‘Special Susie’. Well, when Sue was at school, there were 6 or 7 other Susans in her class. The teacher gave them all nicknames, so she was never called by her correct name for years. She always looked sad at this. I used to give her a hug and say : “Don’t worry darling, you’ll always be My Special Susie”.
And that is what I called her for over 40 years. My beautiful special Susie.

  • Where are you from?
    Hi, my name is Stephen Adams, I live in the UK.
  • Why do you write? 
    I lost my wife to cancer 5 years ago. The absence and pain in my heart has driven me to write. It helps to fill the enormous hole in my life.
  • What do you write about? 
    I write romantic adventure novels, and also chapter books for children. All my books are about my wife in one way or another. Either romantic adventure novels about us, or chapter books about her as a girl.
  • Do you plan your writing?
    I don’t really plan anything when I write. I just picture myself in a certain situation, and take it from there. I guess it’s ‘real-time’ writing.
  • What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? 
    I guess we all fear the dreaded “writers’ block”. And most of us will get it at some stage. When it happens, I tend to take myself away for an hour or so. Choose something that has nothing to do with the writing. Then go back and re-read the last chapter or two. An idea will pop up. I find that works for me.
  • What is your work schedule like when you are writing?
    Apart from essentials, I write each day from 10am to 5pm, taking a break for lunch from 1-2pm. I try to ensure nothing gets in the way of that. I tend to write at least 500 words a day. If I am really into it, it can be 1,000. But on average, I would say 700. A chapter book tends to go to 15,000 words, a novel to 75,000. You can do the maths.
  • What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
    I think the best books are stories that do both ‘show’ and ‘tell’. By that I mean, describe the person, place or situation, then move the story along with it.
  • Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer?
    As an encouragement to others, I would like to say that as funny as it may sound, the best way to be a great writer, is to be a great reader. Fill yourself with words, images, situations that will grow your mind and your imagination. And finally, if you have a thought or an idea for a story, push it up into your imagination and let it develop! Go and explore, let yourself fly!
  • What do you think makes a good story?
    I consider a novel to be in three main parts: the infrastructure; the characters; and the plot. We are told to ‘write about what you know about’. This is brilliant advice. The less time we have to discover and do research, the more time we have for developing characters and moving the plot along. And that is the most interesting and exciting bit.
  • Do you see writing as a career?
    For me, writing is not so much a career, but a very enjoyable way of being anyone, doing anything, and going anywhere.

You can get a copy of Stephen’s books here:

One of Stephen’s books

October and November Author Splice Up Challenge Titles

October Titles
November Titles

We’re a video enthusiast and our mission is to make you feel comfortable getting uncomfortable. And that means we’re encouraging you to embrace your fears to face the camera.

We came up with this fun-filled idea to splice-up short videos of authors answering questions briefly and posting it up on YouTube every week.

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An Interview with Laura St. John

Where are you from?

I live in beautiful Central Florida, not too far from Disney World!

Why do you write? 

I’ve always felt that words have power. You can make or break a deal with them. You can make or break a friendship with them. You can build people up or tear people down with them.  Writing is a very powerful tool and can shape people’s minds in a way that makes the reader seek you out. And if someone seeks your book out then they are open to hearing your views on the world. 

Do you have a specific writing style? 

I write from the heart. Most of my writing comes from emotional experiences. I like to use descriptive words that are easy to understand. I do want to persuade thoughts of the reader as well but more in a subtle way versus “in your face” approach.

What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? 

Since most writers write at home, there are many distractions that can take attention away from the story. I can “get on a roll” where words just flow out of me but then my dogs start barking or the doorbell rings. Those things can change my thought process and make it harder to focus. There are also emotional obstacles that make me not want to write on the subject at hand.  Let’s say someone is writing on how to save your marriage but yet they are going through a divorce. An author’s life situation plays a big part of the words they put on paper and also how quickly they can get those words written.

What’s the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work? 

I had this little boy come up to me at a school after I read the bug book and said that he was feeling unloved like Mr. Roach. I spoke to him about how special he was and to try and not let others have that power over him.  Another memorable thing was when parents have told me that they are going to read my Christmas book throughout the year to remind their family members to limit screen time.

How long have you been writing? 

I was around 9-years old. I had this little poem book I started.  I still have it in a box in the garage. I stapled paper together to make a spine and had poems I wrote and a few poems that others wrote that were my favorite. I have won several Addy awards for copywriting and I also write song lyrics.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer? 

My deceased father was also a writer. Years back, I found many cards and love notes that he wrote my mother. I’m not sure if writing is genetic but it might be because I love words. Writing is like your own little escape place or safe place to say whatever you want. I was kind of lonely as a child and writing gave me a lot of comfort and strength.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk? 

I guess you would say that I put a lot of emotion and description into my writing.  It is very raw and honest. I’m not really into made up stories/fiction or things that are on dark subjects. I like happy endings.

How long does it take to write a book?  

I can only come from the experience of children’s books. The writing may come quickly but the editing and also illustrations could take a while. The whole process is longer than people would think due to printing and funding.  One day, I hope to write a novel or autobiography. Illustrations make the timeline for the final product longer.

Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer? 

Get a good editor who knows what he/she are doing. Don’t be afraid of criticism and take advise from others who have done well. There are many books out there so try and think of topics that readers want to read about and not necessarily what you want to write about.

What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story?

My biggest challenge is not saying too much (I’m probably doing that right now) but children’s books need to have few words to get the story across.  Look at most successful children’s books and those authors really have little to say.  The motto “’less is more” works well in most cases unless you are writing a Harry Potter type of series.

What do you think makes a good story? 

Drawing the reader into something that makes them think, react or feel a certain way. Influencing the reader to take on your cause for writing that book.

What does your family think of your writing? 

My husband is very supportive and my kids think it is cool.  I remember when I received copies of my books “hot off the press” that my daughter wanted to post about it right away and take a selfie with the books.  The Christmas House was written with my kids in mind and their digital distractions. Now that they are older, they understand more why I wrote it.  As for my three dogs, I do have some pictures of them reading the books but not quite sure what they think. 

Do you see writing as a career? 

Yes, part of my business is books. I have two on the market right now and hope to have a third out before this year ends. I have done a lot of commercial and advertising writing but books are a lot more detailed and personal.

What are your books about?

I write morals-based children’s books. My book Don’t Judge a Bug By Its Cover teaches children to accept pther people who may be different than they are.

My book The Christmas House is a modern version of the nativity story. As Mary and Joseph look for a place to stay for the birth of baby Jesus they find so many people who are too busy to help because they’re distracted by their cell phones, video games and other smart devices.

Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell the readers? 

We are all connected in some way.  No matter what our differences are there will always be a common bond that is underlying. 

Where can people buy your books?

Both my books are available on Amazon, or you can get autographed copies at

An Interview with Srividya Bhaskara (ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON)

Srividya Bhaskara

Srividya Bhaskara is a Graduate from Department of Electronics and Communication engineering ,JNTU, Hyderabad, India.She is passionate about Literature, Fine arts, Music, Gardening, Creative writing, painting & childcare.she is very passionate about Gardening, especially HIBISCUS AND ROSES.

ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON: Discover the Cumulative and Deadly effects of Added sugars used in Processed food

This book is a simple yet insightful guide to gain information about all aspects of ADDED SUGARS AND THEIR DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS TO THE SOCIETY. Increasing metabolic disorders in children due to large consumption of ADDED SUGARS in processed food is the Key Motivating factor for Conception of this book.

  1. Where are you from?

My name is Srividya Bhaskara. I am an Indian and I live in the city of  Hyderabad.

2. Why do you write?

Writing is a simple yet wonderful form of expression of My thoughts, ideas, imagination. I can bond with people all over the world with My New ideas, stories. I can share my treasure of joys, suggestions, information, lessons to my readers with lots of ease.

I can create my own world of stories, characters, fun, research and share it with my friends and readers. A writer has a unique privilege to form a  bond of friendship without being physically present.

3. What do you write about?

The topics I choose for writing  are wide and thought provoking. I generally write topics related to Non fiction such as health and fitness.i do write short stories which have humour, subtle characters which we come across in  our daily  lives.i have not confined myself to a particular genre,it  all depends on the need of the hour and motivation.

I have now published an ebook “ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON” in amazon. The book signifies the harmful and dangerous effects about added sugars which are hidden in the processed food items which we consume daily.

These added sugars act as silent killers and cause chronic metabolic disorders like obesity, type-2 diabetes, Non-alcoholic fatty liver.

4. What are the obstacles that come in the way of writing?

In the beginning days of my writing, I had 2 main obstacles in the process of writing my ebook.

  • Noisy surroundings: As I live in a city environment, with too much traffic, with no quiet secluded corner. I found concentrating on my work little difficult. But as I have finished writing my first ebook I have matured and learnt to cope and write. I take early hours of my day, wake up early in the morning when the external environment is calm. Regular practice helped me learn concentration, commitment in the process of learning and writing a book.
  • Formatting the chapters:  As I started my first book, I was flooded with lots of information, sometimes I used to get perplexed about the sequence and flow of  information and chapters. But once I obtained  clarity about what I want to give to the readers, I got to know how to put that information correctly in an order.

Book writing is wonderful art and Just like any art, book writing also requires patience, experience, love and time.

5.How long have you been been writing?

I have been writing since my childhood and school days. I have been a member of  literary club in my school, wrote short stories for various competitions. From the past one year I have started writing ebooks and I published my first book “ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON” In amazon.

6. When did you first realize that you wanted to become a writer?

I was a voracious reader right from childhood, read children’s books, animated series, short stories, detective stories, humorous and witty short stories. Reading inspired me to write and express and share my own   personal experiences. I found happiness in writing and sharing my words and thoughts to my readers.

It was when my english teachers in my school and college days appreciated and encouraged my short stories, I realized that I should become a writer.

7. How long it takes to write a book ?

It depends upon the type of book you are writing a book (long book/short book). There are mainly 2 types of books available in the market. There are ebooks, paperback books.

There are 3 important stages in ebook/book publication:

  • Preparation of manuscript & cover page of the book (ideally 3 months for short books): Well, prepared manuscript is the foundation for the success of any book. Hence, a writer needs to take sufficient time to give best quality of content to the readers. An attractive cover page is also important to drive the audience to read a book.
  • Formatting of the book (kindle /microsoft / epub/mobi (1 month)): The manuscript has to properly formatted to fit for e- readers/ kindle devices.The diagrams, jpg images, page margins, flow charts, sentence spacing, paragraph spacing, page settings have to be done neatly.
  • Uploading the book to amazon or other platforms (15 days to 1 month): Depends upon the no. of platforms your book needs to be published. There are good no. of publishers apart from amazon which publish ebooks, paperback print on demand books.

 It takes a total of 5 -6 months for a short book to be neatly published.

8. Do you have any suggestions on how to become a better writer?

As I am a beginner in writing books , it will be too early  for me to give advice. But I can give some tips which will reduce some strain.

1. Plan every step of book writing (create a daily schedule)

2. Do enjoy the process of writing (treat it as your child)

3. Do not be afraid of mistakes /criticism( there always will be some amount of criticism)

4. Set a deadline, so that you always feel motivated.

5. Always remember that we grow from our first book.

6. Keep things as simple as possible.

9. What do you think it takes a good story?

A good story is an honest account of a writer of his experiences, information, joys and sorrows. A good story is simple and touches the heart of the reader with its true words.

10. Do you have anything to share with your readers?

Hi friends,

Just wanted to share a good news!

My kindle ebook “ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON” is going live on Aug 14th. I want to spread the message about how added sugars have silently crept into our lives through numerous processed food items like: daily cereals, sweetened yogurt, sodas, soft drinks, diet coke, ketchups, sports drinks, and are causing major damage to our health.        

These added / refined sugars are silent killers, cause metabolic disorders like: Obesity, insulin resistance, Type-2 diabetes,Non-alcoholic Fatty liver, cardiovascular problems.

Come! Let us save our future generations and children from sugary drinks, processed foods.

11. What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

I give my book writing a high priority, so I take time in early mornings when the rest of the environment is quiet, calm & peaceful. I do all my book writing and research in solitude.

An Interview with Holy Ghost Writer

The Anonymous Girl by Holy Ghost Writer

Who is the Holy Ghost Writer?

The identity of the author is part of an international contest. The first person to correctly name the HG Writer from the clues found in the Count of Monte Cristo sequels will receive a reward of $5000. Visit the Holy Ghost Writer’s Amazon Author Page for Details and see if you can discover the real identity of the author being heralded by fans as the new Stieg Larsson for The Anonymous Girl, the successor of Alexander Dumas for The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo and the next Ray Bradbury for The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter. Contact the author c/o

How many books does the author have on the Amazon site?

A total of 31 books have been published to date.

The Mysterious Affair At Styles by Holy Ghost Writer

What is the latest release on Amazon?

Donald J. Trump: The Second Coming of Christ

What is the most notable reviews received for The Sultan of Monte Cristo: First Sequel to the Count of Monte Cristo?

“The Sultan of Monte Cristo is a quick and fascinating read that fulfills the fantasies so many readers have longed for after turning the last page of The Count of Monte Cristo. I highly recommend Holy Ghost Writer’s book, but with a warning: Once you read this first book there is no going back; you are going to want to read the next. I can’t wait to read the next installment, The Sovereign Order of Monte Cristo, and see what new adventures await.” Tania Staley, Pacific Book Review.

“Edmond Dantes, and his many identities, traverses the world in this whirlwind of a sequel.” Kirkus review.

“Overall, this book, though shorter than I wanted, was a good one to read.” Hollywood Book Reviews.

Where can readers get the clue to guess the author’s identity?

It is FREE on Kindle

Where did you get the idea to explore the stories of Alexandre Dumas?

My desire to continue the stories of Alexandre Dumas stem from a deep love for literature that he helped develop in me. I realize that some will be offended that I have the moxie to condense and retell his stories through the Americanized voice of Sherlock Holmes and add my own as sequels.  In doing so, I believe that I am reintroducing The Count of Monte Cristo to a new generation of readers that most likely would have skipped this classic for its age and verbosity. I actually advise my readers to enjoy, as I did, the best translation, for those who read only English, by Robin Buss.

Why the pen name, ‘Holy Ghost Writer’?  Am I saying that I am holy?  God forbid! No, it is just a way to add mystery to the contest to discover my true identity.  It is more along the lines of Robin saying, “Holy Ghost Writer, Batman.”  Another reason is that Edmond Dantes refers to himself as “divine providence” in this classic tale.  Those who write on subjects touching on divinity are often referred to as holy ghost writers.  Just google the term if you doubt my word.  In the process of writing That Girl Started Her Own Country (6th in the Monte Cristo series) I discovered that I am a possibillionist as did Zaydee, that book’s heroine.  So for those of you who are turned off by religion, please understand that I am not ‘holier than thou’ and certainly not preaching any particular religious beliefs (or lack thereof) although my characters may express some of their own from time to time.  

How many books are there in the Monte Cristo series?

There are 6 books with “That Girl Started Her Own Country” being the last and the one that has garnered the most reviews so far.

That Girl Started Her Own Country

What is your message to your readers?

I hope, dear reader, you enjoy exploring these works of quasi-fiction as much as I enjoyed creating them.

An Interview with Latoya Lawson

Latoya Lawson

LaToya Lawson is a crime thriller/ mystery author and caregiver, whose creativity, compassion and perseverance have all earned her the reputation as a service-centred leader. Born in Chicago and employed as a caregiver from the age of nineteen, LaToya Lawson has spent most of her life by the bedsides of the sick and infirm. 

By age twenty-three, she had founded Mississippi Professional Nursing Care, LLC, which would go on to inspire her debut novel, MA’SITTER. Although this career choice offered many rewarding moments, it was her lifelong passion to write that ultimately helped create this original work. As an African-American woman living in Mississippi, LaToya is familiar with the bigotry and social injustices of life in the Deep South.

An intensely personal work, the book was born from LaToya’s first-hand experience with racism, faith, friendship and life as a single mother in a world shaped by privilege. Her main character, Victoria Lewis, is a strong, single-minded woman, determined to build a better life for her child, Mona. As a female writer, Lawson’s stories are at times filled with pain, but are ultimately uplifting, buoyed by the triumph and redemption of her characters.

When LaToya isn’t writing, she can be found by her oven, either checking her latest baked three-layer Red Velvet cake or cooking a soul food feast; she can also be found soaring down the highway on her motorcycle


Ma’Sitter looks like a great mystery thriller.  Any plans to release similar books or turn it into a series?   

Yes, MA’SITTER is a four-part series. So, we are just warming up with the first book.

What will readers get out of your book?    

I hope entertainment! It’s a fiction book yet my main character Victoria Lewis is relatable to anyone who has struggled to make ends meet. While working for privileged individuals or super rich snobby corporate bosses. Every night millions of people dream and pray for a fruitful life. Or to sing and dance like Beyoncé, act like Hallie Berry, produce movies like Steven Spielberg or have an all-time best-selling book, movie and so much more like J.K. Rowling.

What inspired you when writing Ma’Sitter?    

I started writing MA’SITTER in 2011 and I buried it not long after. My motorcycle accident on March 9, 2018 made me immobile, depressed, hopeless and bored. Therefore, my love DeLeón and sister-cousin Toroda encouraged me to complete MA’SITTER. Once, I started back writing I couldn’t stop. Writing and creating people (LOL) truly makes me happy. I love it!!!!!!

 I also kept hearing my 8th grade teacher Mr. Lewis telling me you’re going to be a writer one day.

Side note too teachers: MOLD AND ENCOURGAE OUR CHILDREN.

The words of my 8th grade teacher Mr. Lewis at Chastain Middle School in Jackson, MS have stuck with me all these years!!

When did you decide to become a writer?

I was ordained at the young age of 13. Summoned into an imaginary world where I could be whoever I wanted. And speak my mind to whom ever I felt. It wasn’t until my motorcycle accident that I pursued this career.

When writing Ma’Sitter did anything stand out as particularly challenging?   

I cried as I wrote about the character Zaka.

How did you come up with story for Ma’Sitter?   

Well, since you asked! LOL 

At the age of 23 I started my own private care sitting service. Therefore, I have seen and heard many things. Some of the people who signed my checks became the best inspiration and motivation. And not because they personally encouraged me but more so because they looked down on me. Therefore, I emptied my rage, feelings, thoughts, dreams and crazy ideas into MA’SITTER.

What do you like to do when not writing? 

I am so ashamed to say this but, riding my motorcycle.

I also love to bake, cook and plant flowers. Seeing my flowers grow into huge, “FEED ME SEYMOUR PLANTS,” has been a thrill when not writing a thriller. LOL

How can readers discover more about you and your work?  


FACEBOOK: LaToya Lawson or Latoya Lawson

Amazon Author Page: LaToya Lawson

Instagram: masitterbookseries

Author Video Splice Up Challenge – June – Week 4

Author Video Splice Up Challenge – June – Week 4

As a video enthusiast, I’m on a mission to enhance author branding by leveraging the power of video. (If you want to learn more, get in touch with us

But, I noticed that quite a number of authors are not comfortable facing the camera and coming on screen.

So, I came up with this idea of splicing up videos from different authors to help them break the fear of camera. If you want to participate in the upcoming video challenges, check this post for upcoming titles and send the video to us at

Your favourite writing buddy?

Participating authors:

Yasir Sulaiman –

Eric Nierstedt –

Jasveena – Founder of

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