The Sin of a Fresh Graduate

The Sin of a Fresh Graduate

Every day, along my way, be it on the road or social media, I see graduates who are still struggling to search for jobs to shape their uncertain future. Wandering around, waiting for the door of hope to open space for them to explore, to perform and to prove. When my journey continues and crosses the university gate, I see many “to-be-graduates” running around in the quest of knowledge search. I see the faces of hope wanting to draw a glorious future. But their fate is uncertain. 

Oh, my fresh graduates, what’s your mistake? Is this a sin that cannot be overcome? Can dreams and ambitions change?

To you, reading this remorsefully, we hope that this emotional story full of tears and sweats will heal you by showing how battles are defeated until you witness contentment that gives every fresh graduate a hope. Before it is too late to regret, flip the pages of this book for you will get the hindsight of where the road not taken; the path you’d always want to travel on, leads to. 

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