Free Writing Courses during Covid-19 #stayathome Period

I came across 15 FREE writing course offers from International Writing Courses. You may want to check check it out. Do enrol and keep your time occupied with your writing task. Here’s the link below

Blogging for Author Branding

Do you blog apart from writing books?

Many successful writers started off as bloggers and they connect with amazing like-minded writers along the journey. I started blogging in 2013 and based on the topics I write on, I was able to connect with many writers who provided me useful tips on writing and blogging, and most importantly engage with the topics I write on as well.

I believe when you have a good following, your marketing efforts would be made easy when you publish a book. It is also a great way to brand yourself as an author.

If you regularly publish blogs to stay connected with your readers, share with us about your blogging journey and drop your blog link below.

Mine is

147 Book Festivals Happening in 2020

A list of book festivals happening in 2020
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I personally feel that, as an author, it is crucial to attend book festivals to connect with the like-minded communities. It is where you can meet readers, writers, publishers and literary agents who may represent your work one day.

Attending author events can be costly and that is the reason why I chose to attend three of the many interesting writing-related workshops and book launch that took place October this year. I wish I could attend all of them and meet as many interesting people from the events but time and cost are the two factors that would often prompt us to prioritize our choice, which I think is good as we are forced to think efficiently.

I just made a quick google search for Author Events 2020, and this link caught my attention. However, I do think that it has not covered several other events like the Ubud Writing Festival, Bali Indonesia, even in this website list as well, which is a very well-known event among the international writing community. So, you may want to look for other sources that populate author events that have been missed out in this list.

Are you planning to attend an event next year? Comment your choice of event(s) below, and share with me why you’d like to be a part of the event(s).

Ebook Theft: 12 Things You Can Do to Stop Someone from Copying and Selling Your Ebook

E-book theft and measures to prevent it from happening
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I am in the midst of finding out how to encrypt work shared digitally, especially for the purpose of getting beta readers to critique our work and to get #bookreviewers and #booktubers review our books. Author Review Copy (ARC) is what we call the books sent to readers in exchange for a review, but when it is sent in PDF form, it is just a matter of time before the whole book gets copied and sold elsewhere.

A simple google search moments ago helped me discover this website which I believe has a lot more other useful tips for authors and I would highly encourage you to read it. Also let me know in the comment below if you have actually used any softwares that help you safely sell encrypted e-books or if any of these precaution measures helped you in the past?

Ebook Theft: 12 Things You Can Do to Stop Someone from Copying and Selling Your Ebook

David Farland’s Writing Tips : You and Your Career — Shannon Bolithoe : A Writing Life

David Farland is one of the authors constantly providing valuable tips for writers and I would recommend you to check out his subscription site if you’d like to be in touch with his updates regularly.

I’ve been watching other writers now for nearly fifty years, thanks in part to a neighbor I had as a kid. I was born and raised in Oregon, and in the late 60s, the Hippie Generation was on the move.

David Farland’s Writing Tips : You and Your Career — Shannon Bolithoe : A Writing Life

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Free slot for Author Live Interview

Hi all,

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The Newly Revamped Author Live Chat with Fans Show

We have newly revamped the Author Live Chat with Fans Show format. For those of you who are new to our website, our mission is to enhance author branding by leveraging the power of video marketing.

Feedback from Carlos Murray
Showtime and details

Everything you need to know about the program is right here, which is the same link to the previous Author Live Chat with Fans webpage. We’ve updated the link and we thought of letting you know about it as well.

We hope to have you as our guest on one of our shows soon! If you have any question, please do get in touch with us via email info at