#Sundaystories Author Book Signing Events

What do you think about having a book signing event or hosting one for fellow authors?

My recent experience was the book signing event for “The Sin of a Fresh Graduate”. It was an event hosted by a residential community together with my former university faculty. We had a great experience preparing for the event and the fact that we collaborated with various community groups enabled us to leverage the marketing power of a university to reach a wider group of academian. We sold close to 200 books now within 3 weeks and we’re looking at printing the second edition.

Share your experiences with us and let us know what you think about book signing events.


Personal Branding for Authors (Part One): What It Is And Why It’s Essential – by Kimberley Grabas…

An excellent post that elaborates the benefits of focusing on author branding!

International Book Promotion focuses on author branding by encouraging authors to leverage the power of video marketing!

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Personal Branding for Authors: A Simple Definition

Personal branding can be a vague term…

It isn’t just a website, a font choice or a clever tagline. It’s a blend of your skills, talents, values, interests, and beliefs reflected through your writing, online presence, and offline interactions.

For authors, it’s often a mix of professional and personal branding which includes what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

It’s also an indicator of your value to your readers, industry professionals, influencers or other key players in your topic area or genre.

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