Invitation for Children’s book authors to Join a Live Interview as a Guest Reviewer & Author

Invitation for Children’s book authors to Join a Live Interview as a Guest Reviewer & Author

Hello children’s book authors,

I’m Jasveena, from International Book Promotion. You joined our Group Author Interview for Children’s Book in 2019. 
I’m writing to you to invite you to join us for a live author interview of Hosam Saed, a children’s book author, tentatively on Tuesday, 17th of November 8 PM CST. 

Here’s the link to the author’s Amazon page

We need three children’s book author who could review the author’s book “Marco the Missing” and share your review during the live interview. The book has 22 pages. You would also get a short slot to talk about your own book.

The tentative date of the live interview would be 17th November, or any of the following Tuesdays 8PM CST. You can also update your availability if you’d like to join us.

If you have questions, do let me know 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you.


Building A Unique Author Brand – With Gail Carriger…

on The Creative Penn: How do you intentionally create an author brand that resonates with your readers? How can you write the books you love and make a successful living as a full-time author? All this and more in today’s interview with Gail Carriger. Show Notes Travel as an important part of writing Writing about a […]

Building A Unique Author Brand – With Gail Carriger…

Indie Author Basics: Author Branding

Author Branding is more than just a logo. It’s showing readers what makes you and your books unique.

Indie Author Basics: Author Branding

The 10 Commandments of Author Branding -Shayla Raquel — Miranda Reads

If you haven’t heard about Shayla Raquel, she is one of the #authorpreneurs who focuses on #authorbranding a lot and you should definitely check the book out, and her website as well, for more motivation on author branding tips.

★★★★ ½ …your author brand is how and why readers fall in love with you and decide to read your book. Writing is a solitary sport, but marketing? That one needs a few hands on deck. Face it, you can write the world’s greatest book…but if no one is around to read it, you’re stuck up […]

The 10 Commandments of Author Branding -Shayla Raquel — Miranda Reads

How to find best hashtags to use in your social media posts

I am in the midst of looking for ways to analyze the best hashtags to be used along my posts, and when I mean best hashtags, I don’t mean to simply use a group of generic hashtags, but to find out if the hashtags are trending and are used by the right group of users.

For instance, instead of using #books, when you use #businessbooks, your posts will reach a niche group that is interested in what you write.

I found this post on Google that will definitely be beneficially for you especially if you are new to hashags – here is where you can read it

There are numerous apps or websites that you can use to find a group of hashtags, like, and copy them all to be used on your posts.

However, it would be best if you could use a combination of a few group of hashtags, so that the chances of your posts getting noticed are higher. For example, when you use and search for books, you will get a set of hashtags consisting of say 10 hashtags.

Now, I intend to repeat this search for posts relevant to marketing, and if I search the hashtags for marketing, I will also get say X amount of hashtags. What I intend to do is to pick only a few hashtags from each keyword, mix them and create my own set of hashtags to be used. This way, I will know that I am picking some of the most useful hashtags to be used across different keyword groups.

I also intend to monitor how well the hashtags are doing by using, which is a paid tool that lets you know how your posts are doing across multiple social media platform on one page. You can simply using the analytics tools that are available for free within each social media platform (Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram business pages all provide you with an in-depth analysis of how well your posts are doing).

Blogging for Author Branding

Do you blog apart from writing books?

Many successful writers started off as bloggers and they connect with amazing like-minded writers along the journey. I started blogging in 2013 and based on the topics I write on, I was able to connect with many writers who provided me useful tips on writing and blogging, and most importantly engage with the topics I write on as well.

I believe when you have a good following, your marketing efforts would be made easy when you publish a book. It is also a great way to brand yourself as an author.

If you regularly publish blogs to stay connected with your readers, share with us about your blogging journey and drop your blog link below.

Mine is

Can the Cold Case of Book Marketing Be Solved? — A Writer’s Path

I believe that the first thing you should decide on is how you would like people to perceive yourself as an author. Create a brand for yourself. Align your marketing goals with what you aim to achieve as an author. Creating your own newsletter and a blog helps in identifying your very own tribe of readers. The post below outlined some of the platforms that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

by David Gittlin Comparatively speaking, writing a novel is the fun, easy, first step of the self-publishing process. The second step, creating an attention-getting book cover, offers its own unique set of challenges. However, the most intimidating and difficult undertaking, to most authors, is the third step—marketing. The word strikes terror in many […]

Can the Cold Case of Book Marketing Be Solved? — A Writer’s Path

The Ins and Outs of Author Branding — Elza Kinde

I’m always obsessed about reading on author branding because that is the single most important aspect that would decide how your books sell in the market. Listen to this podcast if you’d like to attact your very own tribes of readers.

It’s 2020 and I’ve already done something wild and new! Listen to the Phoenix Fiction Writers Podcast Episode 25: The Ins and Outs of Author Branding Being a guest on the Phoenix Fiction Writers podcast was a whole new experience, but branding is a topic I’m always happy to talk at length about. I […]

The Ins and Outs of Author Branding — Elza Kinde

Yes, Writers, it is Possible to Get Past Your Fear of Marketing Yourself as an Author — A Writer’s Path

Are you fearing to brand yourself as an author?

If you are self-published or if you are poorly represented by your publisher, you should definitely be concerned on how your book and YOURSELF are being marketed in the industry, no matter if you are introverted or if you hate sales.

Read on to learn how we, as authors, can overcome these challenges.

by Lauren Sapala By and large, the biggest problem I run into with struggling authors is the challenge they have around marketing themselves. I hear a lot of different reasons for this: “I’m too introverted.” “I hate anything that has to do with sales.” “I don’t want to be fake or phony,” etc. […]

Yes, Writers, it is Possible to Get Past Your Fear of Marketing Yourself as an Author — A Writer’s Path

Author Branding — Aloisius and I

Author Branding
Photo by Caio Resende on

An excellent post about author branding!

“Pick three key pieces of your personality that show up in all your work and that you’re also willing to discuss with others, so that you

a) create a persona, for sure, but one that feels real and sustainable;

b) make yourself available for author-reader relationships, but also remain in control of what you share; and

c) build an honest brand that will carry you through your career, no matter what you’re writing, in what genre, with what set of characters, because the components of your brand are inherently you.

You’ll have to excuse my year-long absence. I was busy getting my shit together in a process that went something like this: give up alcohol on the Autumn Equinox, 2018; journal out the thoughts that bubbled up and snapped and lapped tar across my brain; cry a lot; let go of a lot; step away […]

Author Branding — Aloisius and I