Can the Cold Case of Book Marketing Be Solved? — A Writer’s Path

I personally feel that the more invested you are in the branding and marketing process of your book and yourself as an author, the more people you’d sell your books to. I must agree with some of the points put forth in this article as well!

by David Gittlin Comparatively speaking, writing a novel is the fun, easy, first step of the self-publishing process. The second step, creating an attention-getting book cover, offers its own unique set of challenges. However, the most intimidating and difficult undertaking, to most authors, is the third step—marketing. The word strikes terror in many […]

Can the Cold Case of Book Marketing Be Solved? — A Writer’s Path

No Readers? Here’s a Simple Way to go from 0 to Hero

How to gain organic followers?

How to gain organic followers?

This post is gold! Cristian Mihai wrote a very soulful post on how to gain your followers or readers when you blog. Now, I believe this applies not just for bloggers but also authors.

Now, let me share with you how being authentic helped to just forget about stressing if I’ll attract readers for my blog, because I know for a fact that what I wrote there would definitely interest readers who are keen to learn about social issues.

Being authentic had helped to me to grow my audience, and even had an author sending her book to me as a gift. This is also how I plan to promote my new book.

I’m still in the planning phase of my new book, but I’ve roped in my audience, asking them what social issues pertaining to women that they want me to discuss in my new book.

I’ve had readers saying Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage, and human rights as some of the issues to be incorporated into the book.

Tentative cover idea of my new book

Just so you don’t know, this book is going to be highlighting issues that are common to women across the world. For instance, rape happens in a different context and intensity in different countries. Spiking drinks and raping women when they are drunk happens in the Western part of the world. Whereas, marital rapes are more prevalent in the East.

Do you have an idea that would fit my book? Please, please drop me an email to jassie987 at and follow my blog at thoughtsandviewsthatmatter

It creates an interest even before the book is released. Genuine interest because you’re being authentic.

Read what Cristian has got to say here in his post



Indie Author Marketing Still Sucks…Pt 1.

This post is GOLD! It explains everything that you NEED to look into if you’re looking at selling more than 250 copies of books!

Email marketing is one of the things that authors really have to use because that would only mean you are engaging with your audience and readers on a regular basis.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Authors

Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Authors

Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Authors

Do you know that Pinterest is one of the tools you might want to add to your marketing strategy as an author of you’re an author, trying to gain some traction.

I’ve seen many business blogs gaining traffic to their website merely by being active on Pinterest.

However, Pinterest is not a social media platform where you connect with your fans. You’re most likely to gain followers if you post tips and collections of useful information pertaining to your subject matter.

With that being said, you can also find other public boards related to writing and contribute to the boards by pinning interesting news from your blog posts.

I’m still learning how to optimize Pinterest for marketing but I thought this post of worth your time.

Reblogged: Lessons from a Book Signing

Book Signing Events
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I always think that authors associate book signings with the amount of sales they make, but in the actual reality, it is really a drip marketing, where people get to know you and the more you show up on the media, the more they remember you and the tendency to buy your book later would be higher.

Here is a blog post from Yecheilyah where she shares her experience on book signing events.

Marketing a Book when you’re an Artist (not a Businessman)

Here’s a blog post from an experienced self-published author. Check it out for some great tips.

Profile Photo Tips

Have you ever wondered how much can you profile picture impact your online presence across the internet? If you have not taken profile image as an essential component of author and book marketing strategies, here are some reasons why you should start doing so now.

Profile Photo Tips Profile Photo Tips