Profile Photo Tips

Have you ever wondered how much can you profile picture impact your online presence across the internet? If you have not taken profile image as an essential component of author and book marketing strategies, here are some reasons why you should start doing so now.

Profile Photo Tips Profile Photo Tips


7 thoughts on “Profile Photo Tips

  1. Great post. I went ahead and spent 125.00 to get a professional head-shot done. I consider it to be some of the best money I’ve spent on my writing career. The photographer was great to work with, and I think she brought out my best features.

    The advice I received was that your picture should be recognizable to people who are familiar with you no matter how small it is. Then use the image for all platforms. It’s essentially using your image in the same way you would a logo.

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    • Thank you for reading! I do agree that having a professional profile picture helps in projecting your image as a professional better, especially online.


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  3. Great information here. Have reblogged on Write Dorne. πŸ™‚

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