Books That Matter


I am Jasveena here, the founder of International Book Promotion and I would like to dedicate this column to honour all writers and books related to things that matter to everyone in this world. You can send in your submissions. So, what is this all about and what are the ‘things’ that matter?

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If you write about:

  • Social issues
  • Women’s rights
  • Human rights
  • Non-fiction stories from the Middle East
  • The ‘wordly’ issues
  • Political histories
  • Biographies/Memoirs
  • Business Tips
  • Anything else non-fiction that’s interesting

I welcome you to get in touch with me, let me know what your book is all about and explain a little about yourself. I am really interested in getting to know writers who make an effort to do something that matters to themselves. I’m an ardent blogger who writes about social issues at I’m also a writer for Bela, the magazine.

I would love to have a signed paperback copy of your book in exchange for a book video review. If you are running a book signing event or any other promotions to publicize your book, be sure to notify us and we will join you in spreading the word about the good cause!

Let’s write to create an impact!


4 thoughts on “Books That Matter

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