Live Video Interview with Author Else Byskov and Barry Rice

Live Video Interview with Author Else Byskov and Barry Rice

It was an absolute fun to have Else and Barry, together with Gabby, who is Barry’s marketing agent. They were the participants of the May author interview for Spirituality and Religious genres, and having them sharing their experiences on Matinus’ teaching and life as a Vietnam veteran was an eye-opening experience for me. Check out the replay and leave us a comment on YouTube.

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Watch “Fantasy Author Eric Nierstedt speaks about writing a perfect-fit character for Danny Trejo” on YouTube

I’ve just interviewed author Eric through Google Hangouts and he has some interesting influence to share with us with regards to his writing journey!

Join us on the 9th of May at 8PM EDT for an interview with Dr. Wesley who speaks about how blindness affected his writing.

Watch it the interview with Eric here.

A Live Interview with Tracy Traynor

An Interview with Tracy Traynor

I was intrigued by this book by Tracy Traynor ! Check out her website at

Drama, divorce, and dating. When you’re searching for that perfect match, just how many dates is too many?

Forty and unhappily married, Alix wonders if she’ll ever have something beyond her husband and her kids. After returning to college, she strikes up a friendship with Suzi, a happily wed woman who’s ten years younger. Together, they meet for girl’s nights to discuss school, scandal, and divorce…

As they talk over the possibility of being single and dating deadbeats, neither woman could have predicted the extraordinary events about to unfold. Thrust back into an awkward world of dinners, dates, and sizzling encounters, Alix and Suzi must rely on each other if they ever want to find their second chance at love.

Two Women & Too Many Men is an honest, hilarious chick-lit romance. If you like heartfelt dialogue, humorous dating mishaps, and steamy scenarios, then you’ll love Nancy Orchard’s poignant and passionate novel.

Author Live Chat With Erik Nelson and Liz Fernandez

August 29th, Friday at 18:00 (GMT -7.00) – Watch the Author Live Chat show with Erik Nelson and guest Liz Fernandez, hosted by Jas from IBP. Erik is a fantasy writer and he shares some of his experiences about writing and publishing books. Liz has read two of his books, The SomnAgent Vol.1 and Vol.2, so she speaks about that in this video. 

Author Live Chat Show With Kelli Sue Landon and Ayah Assem


August 6th, Wednesday at 05:00 (GMT -5.00) – Watch the Author Live Chat show with Kelli Sue Landon and guest Ayah Assem, hosted by Jas from IBP. Kelli is a mystery novelist and she shares some of her experiences about writing and publishing books as well as audio books. Ayah Assem has read two of her books, Stranded In Time and Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood, so she speaks about that in this video.