A Live Interview with Tracy Traynor

An Interview with Tracy Traynor

I was intrigued by this book by Tracy Traynor ! Check out her website at

Drama, divorce, and dating. When you’re searching for that perfect match, just how many dates is too many?

Forty and unhappily married, Alix wonders if she’ll ever have something beyond her husband and her kids. After returning to college, she strikes up a friendship with Suzi, a happily wed woman who’s ten years younger. Together, they meet for girl’s nights to discuss school, scandal, and divorce…

As they talk over the possibility of being single and dating deadbeats, neither woman could have predicted the extraordinary events about to unfold. Thrust back into an awkward world of dinners, dates, and sizzling encounters, Alix and Suzi must rely on each other if they ever want to find their second chance at love.

Two Women & Too Many Men is an honest, hilarious chick-lit romance. If you like heartfelt dialogue, humorous dating mishaps, and steamy scenarios, then you’ll love Nancy Orchard’s poignant and passionate novel.


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