The 5 Questions about my Writing by guest author Allison Symes — Val Penny’s Book Reviews

One of my dearest friends, whom I met through the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, is the talented flash fiction writer and blogger Allison Symes. Allison’s writing, I know, inspires younger and less experienced writers. So I am delighted that she joins me today to reveal her answers to 5 questions about her writing. Many thanks […]

The 5 Questions about my Writing by guest author Allison Symes — Val Penny’s Book Reviews

3 Types of Contracts Every Writer Should Understand – by Leonard D. DuBoff and Amanda-Ann Bryan…

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Many aspects of publishing—including arrangements with authors, agents, illustrators, freelancers, employees, printers, binders, and distributors—involve contracts.

The terms of a contract vary depending on the situation, but in every case, the nature of legally binding agreements is the same.

Here are three common forms of contract.

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Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Dana Kearney

The PBS Blog

Today, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Dana Kearney. Welcome to the PBS Blog. Let’s get started!

What was you childhood dream?

My childhood dream was to be a doctor. Then I realized hospitals and sick people scare me. So I had to find something else to be and I always loved writing.

Cool. In your own words, what is love?

Love is a connection that you cannot describe. It is so powerful when you feel it you know because you have never felt it before. It is a part of the air you breathe. It is unconditional. Love has been around since the beginning of time. Love lasts through the universe and galaxies. It is a selfless feeling that transforms you into your highest self. Love is when frequencies align, your life is complete, and the passion is at its peak. Love is when you see stars…

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Discounted Author Services for NaNoWriMo 2018 Winners

We’ve updated offer details for NaNoWriMo 2018 winners. Check out this post for further details. 😍

The 2017 video marketing trends

Check this infographic out to understand how videos can be a powerful tool to help you attract your target customers on social media! This is exactly why we believe digital marketing is the way to go to promote books as we have been offering a wide range of video marketing products for authors. Check out what we have to offer here.

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How authors can use videos to sell more

Video Marketing is one of the newest additions to the Digital Marketing field but has already changed the game of communication and digital advertising. Have no seconds thoughts, it worths all your investment and effort to promote your business with the use of high-quality videos.

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Book Trailer Decisions — Writer Site

Although I never had a book trailer for Doll God, I’ve since read that they are important because readers, like most people today, are used to videos and to receiving information in that format. So I am trying one for Kin Types. I hope you enjoy it. It’s only 53 seconds long and you can either […]

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