Recent Reviews for LUDWIKA

Pretty interesting. This post caught my eye as I am always interested in stories based on real events, featuring women!


Here are some recent and very positive reviews for my historical novel Ludwika  

the story about a Polish slave worker in Germany, based on real events. (For more on the book scroll down to the end of the reviews.)
“I found Ludwika to be an interesting, brave and loving woman. To realize that she is a real woman makes her storyline more amazing!”

“I found this to be very interesting. Being unfamiliar with the living conditions of the day , I was intrigued with her ability to survive such a terrible experience.”


I stayed up late to finish this book. Christoph Fischer wove compelling fiction around the facts of this story. Polish Ludwika believes she will help her family survive by leaving Poland to be with a German officer. She is continually in worse situations, often…

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The Story And The Cover – Finding The Right Model

The pain of finding the right cover for books! I can feel it as I am now looking for the right illustration too for my next book cover.

Writer's Treasure Chest

While working on ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series, I built character by character, developed, considered their look, decided who they are and in what direction they would head within their story.

But also, I was ‘creating’ their look; dark hair, blue eyes, black hair, bronze eyes, tall, muscular, petite, almost ethereal. I will deliver many descriptions while ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series progresses.

In my head, the characters and their personality formed together with their look, and while creating them, I didn’t consider any consequences – like the book cover to the story.

Let me give you an example:
Katie is a breathtaking beauty with caramel colored hair and brown eyes; her cream skin makes her look almost fragile.

To find ‘Katie’ I was busy looking through hundreds of pictures on several websites. In a way, it was an exciting task, and my excitement grew with every picture. But after…

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Book Review – A Perfect Cornish Summer by Phillipa Ashley #BookReview #BookBlogger #contemporary

Read Shalini’s latest book review

What is Author Brand?

A useful post on author branding to help authors stand out in the entire online market space

T. R. Robinson Publications


‘A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.’ (Oxford Dictionary)

‘An identifying symbol, mark, logo, name, word and/or sentence that companies use to distinguish their product from others.’ (Investopedia)

Brand creates an awareness, recognition and appreciation. It is the way people are made to feel about the person/company and product.

Note: Though there may be some overlap, Author Brand should not to be confused with Author Platform. See previous article: What is an Author Platform?


In other words; what the author hopes to achieve through branding themselves. (Not as painful as it sounds – no hot iron burning into flesh.)

Their brand should:

  • Present a picture, perception, identity, etc. specific to themselves.
  • Distinguish what makes them unique and different to other authors.
  • Demonstrate value.
  • Inform audience of goals and objectives.
  • Set expectations.

Branding is, in essence, the author’s promise to…

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Author Branding by Rayne Hall

A book on #authorbranding for all authors who are struggling with clarity in their writing career


This book came along for me at just the right time. I’m getting ready to publish my first book and while I had heard about author branding before, I’ve never studied it.

In her simple straight forward way, Ms. Hall explains the various ways an author can use archetypes that match her own personality to create the persona she wants to put forward to her fans. Then she helps the reader find the ways to enforce that persona on social media and in personal appearances.

This is not a long read, but engages from the beginning and slides you along with her. From telling about the points to relating her good and bad experiences in her career to asking you questions that make you think about what you just read and how to put it to work in your life.

Five Stars, a must add to your Writing Craft library…

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Personal Branding for Authors (Part One): What It Is And Why It’s Essential – by Kimberley Grabas…

An excellent post that elaborates the benefits of focusing on author branding!

International Book Promotion focuses on author branding by encouraging authors to leverage the power of video marketing!

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Personal Branding for Authors: A Simple Definition

Personal branding can be a vague term…

It isn’t just a website, a font choice or a clever tagline. It’s a blend of your skills, talents, values, interests, and beliefs reflected through your writing, online presence, and offline interactions.

For authors, it’s often a mix of professional and personal branding which includes what you do, why you do it and who you do it for.

It’s also an indicator of your value to your readers, industry professionals, influencers or other key players in your topic area or genre.

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The Concise Guide to Building Relationships with Other Bloggers

If you’re looking to expand your network with book bloggers or even authors who blog, here’s an excellent post you can read to build a consistent and authentic network within your interest