Writer’s Tips: A Great Edition to Maximize Readership for Authors and Bloggers —

Great tips from DG Kaye’s website! She is definitely one of the authors you should follow to learn more about becoming professional author.

This edition of Writer’s Tips offer some great links for writers and authors – How to use Amazon search words for best visibility, the importance of using Goodreads for authors, The Kindlepreneur with a generator machine to drum up ideas and book titles, and did you know that just by commenting on other blogs your…

Writer’s Tips: A Great Edition to Maximize Readership for Authors and Bloggers —

Hiring freelancers for self-publishing: Fiverr, Upwork and Reedsy — My Human Experience

As an entrepreneur who started her journey from microservice platform, I can relate to this author’s journey in finding some of the most affordable service providers that would not break your bank.

Thanks to the sharing economy, there are a plethora of options for you to choose from when you’re deciding to hire freelancers. In fact, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming for the debut author to know where to start. This was my journey.

Hiring freelancers for self-publishing: Fiverr, Upwork and Reedsy — My Human Experience

V is for Validation – How Writers Want It

I can relate to you and the thought about being on top of the game just puts the pressure way too much, even during the writing process. I have asked readers and writers of non-fiction books to validate my book idea just to get the feel that I am on the right track, until one day I felt that this is enough and I gotta just write what needs to be written.

Sue's Space

A to Z of Writing series

Are you a writer? If you answered in the affirmative, chances are that you’ve been asked these certain pissing off questions more than once:

“So what’s your REAL job?”

“You actually get money for that?”

“You must be from a rich family, right?”

Ouch! No wonder we seek validation in every nook and cranny. When non-writers make you feel so disrespected, it’s easy to feel like a nobody – like a failure. So it isn’t just the aspiring writer who suffers this way. I have more than a dozen titles on sale, articles and short stories in major publications, and so much more I could talk about with reference to my writing career BUT I still get asked such questions. Often, the person is actually unaware of how authors and freelance writers spend hours and days and months on projects. Most of them pick…

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#Bookreview opportunity Friday: Fresh From The Oven – featuring Author Dan Bar Hava

Friday: Fresh From The Oven

Author Dan Bar Hava is going to join us live on screen on 13th December, Friday 8PM CST on our Facebook page. We’re seeking potential paid video reviewers who would like to read Dan’s 14-page book and join us live on screen. Contact us via http://wp.me/P3Z97N-er

About the Author:

Dan Bar was born and raised in Jerusalem. Creativity was an essential part of Dan’s life early on, with music being the focus during teens and young adulthood and writing thereafter. After serving in the military and phase I of higher education, Dan Bar moved to the US.

Dan Bar has co-written the film “Falling Star” (AKA “Goyband”), a romantic comedy, featuring Adam Pascal and Natasha Lyonne and “Brooklyn, All American,” a coming-of-age sports tale. The Thirty Six Watchers is Dan’s first novel.


“It is said that at all times, there are 36 special people in the world, and that were it not for them, all of them, if even one of them was missing, the world would come to an end.”

Was the crucifixion engineered to end Roman rule? Could World War II be avoided? Could the Titanic be saved? The 36 Watchers tells the story of Jenna Berg, a young, professional, carefree NYC dweller, who, almost unwillingly, becomes a member of the most secretive and powerful group that has been protecting humankind from total destruction since the beginning of time.

The 36 Watchers

Author Spotlight: Lucie M La France

Lucie M La France

This book is an inspiring story of young lady who graduated from a French high school but wanted to pursue her dreams in America. She had to overcome language barriers , poverty and resentment from others because  She left her parents back home and had to work to support herself. In the end, She achieved all her goals and made a name for her family.

I write the story because it is very important and compelling to me. Consequently, others will be inspired from reading this book.
I want readers to understand that we can overcome difficulties or achieve our dreams when we persevere. There is hope for us if we determine to pursue our goals and dreams with tenacity and endurance, we can change our destiny. There will be obstacles, dilemmas and struggles, but if we don’t quit or get discouraged, we can eventually reach our aspirations.


Learning English as a second language has never been an easy process. However, after graduating from a French high school, a young lady decided to leave her native country and families in the pursuit of her dreams in America. Based on her language barriers, many perceived her aspirations and ambitions to be impossible and unattainable. Despites the negatives feedback and others’ opinions, she was determined to pursuit her dreams, and to make a name for her family. She let nothing stand in her path of successes. She coped with her limitations and lack of support, and did not let fear, cultural chaos, poverty or intimidations stopped her from chasing her goals diligently. Compelled by her tenacity and determination, she conquered all her aspirations in the face of challenges, struggles and societal misconceptions.

In these pages, she describes the following:
– Her challenges with the English language.
– The tactics she used to quickly learn English and to survive the academic endeavors.
– Her daily financial struggles.
– Her disappointments, setbacks, and resentments from others.
– The fulfillment of her dreams.

Author Branding — Aloisius and I

Author Branding
Photo by Caio Resende on Pexels.com

An excellent post about author branding!

“Pick three key pieces of your personality that show up in all your work and that you’re also willing to discuss with others, so that you

a) create a persona, for sure, but one that feels real and sustainable;

b) make yourself available for author-reader relationships, but also remain in control of what you share; and

c) build an honest brand that will carry you through your career, no matter what you’re writing, in what genre, with what set of characters, because the components of your brand are inherently you.

You’ll have to excuse my year-long absence. I was busy getting my shit together in a process that went something like this: give up alcohol on the Autumn Equinox, 2018; journal out the thoughts that bubbled up and snapped and lapped tar across my brain; cry a lot; let go of a lot; step away […]

Author Branding — Aloisius and I

9 Things Authors Aren’t Doing (And Should Be Doing) – by Martin Crosbie… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Martin Crosbie had listed out some really important things we authors should be looking at when it comes to developing our writing career. I hope you’d enjoy reading the post as much as I did as it made me reflect on how I am approaching marketing and positioning myself as an author.

on Indies Unlimited: At BookDoggy, we often receive submissions from authors that are missing important items which could totally help them connect with more readers. We’ve put together a rant, I mean a list of things that drive us crazy, I mean things that will help you. Anyway, here it is. Continue reading HERE

9 Things Authors Aren’t Doing (And Should Be Doing) – by Martin Crosbie… — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog