Book Review: Partially Broken Never Destroyed II by Nataisha T. Hill

Partially Broken Never Destroyed II by [Hill, Nataisha T.]

Partially Broken Never Destroyed



Kayla has a new job, home, and a sexy new love interest in her life. She has finally started to get everything on track as planned. She is living what she considers a normal life and all of the deception, betrayal, and violence had subsided, or so she thought.

It seems as if every time Kayla attempts to close a chapter in her life, someone from the past reopens it. The sex, lies, and drama follow Kayla like a plague. Her newest temptation, Bryan is a beast at his best.


This is a second book in the series. Nevertheless, you can read this book without reading the first one. The best part about this book is how the Kayla is portrayed as a strong woman who had managed to overcome an abusive relationship in the past. As a single mother, she tries her best to play the roles of a mother and a father. She tries to give herself a chance for love again but that’s when she her past starts to haunt her down.

This is not just a normal hot and sexy book. It’s something all women who had a failure in relationship can relate to.

A 4-star for this book!

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Book Review: Ghosts of Manor House by Matt Powers

Ghosts of Manor House

Ghosts of Manor House

Edmund and Mary Wilder are very much in love. But the death of their young son, Tommy, has shattered their family. Edmund is determined to bring them back together, drawing on the only bit of strength he has left—his love for Mary and their daughter, Stephanie. But Mary sinks deeper into depression while little Stephanie’s anger grows. Edmund flounders in his attempts to rescue his family from the brink of collapse and doesn’t know where to turn.

Then Mary receives an invitation for the family to become guests at Manor House, a seemingly quaint Bed and Breakfast. This, she assures her husband, is the answer to all their troubles.

Edmund arrives ahead of his family to spend a couple days working on his long-delayed novel. But his growing curiosity about the old house leads Edmund to an encounter that will change him forever.

What will you sacrifice for love?

An old fashioned psychological thriller with a nod to Stephen King, Manor House will keep you guessing and compel you to turn the page to the very end.

A mother will sacrifice anything for her children. A husband will risk everything to save his wife. Manor House will take them all.

4/5 stars
One could easily think that this is just another ghost story revolving around a haunted house. However, you will be proven wrong as soon as Edmund arrived at the Manor House, where the twists in the plot will keep you wanting to turn the pages as the story reveals more surprises. What I liked most is the non-human characters that are involved in the story and how these characters relate to Edmund, who wants to work on his novel.
If you’d want to watch a great horror movie, I would recommend you to read this book as it gives the exact same feeling of watching one.

Book Review: Polished steel: Lessons from the dojo

Polished steel: Lessons from the dojo by [Davis, Shaz]

Polished Steel: Lessons from the dojo


Discover the wise words and life lessons gleaned from Sensei as he uses everyday dojo practice to encourage his students to learn and grow. Polished Steel recounts entertaining and amusing tales and lessons that have been learned by a range of students from different backgrounds, each of whom discovered some humility from their experience, but learned important life lessons at the same time.

Martial arts teaches more than just defense, it teaches humility, respect, and strength. This book is a collection of stories from the dojo featuring various students as they learn lifelong lessons.

Written with style and humour, Polished Steel will have you laughing and smiling while nodding in agreement throughout. Delve inside, learn something new and leave your ego with your shoes, at the door…

Join Mary, Edmund, Simon, and other students in the dojo as they learn important life lessons from their Sensei. There are no shortcuts in life and training with Sensei provides the tools to traverse it. This collection of stories beautifully illustrates these teachings through simple but effective lessons that you can use in your own life.

The stories in this book, with an accompanying haiku, cover many of the principles of several martial arts, as well as body, mind, spirit and life-lessons. In fact, it is likely that there will be something for everyone to learn inside.


A perfect leisure time read. The author had weaved stories from each martial arts class and the valuable lessons the students learn from Sensei. I find this book an interesting way to learn more about martial arts because these self defence classes are actually more than teaching just self defence alone. Students get to learn important skills and the right attitude to approach life as a whole. Therefore, anyone reading this book would find it very encouraging to take up martial art classes as readers will be able to see the beauty of it. Kudos to the writer for this brilliant book.

I personally liked how students from different background come to learn martial arts and how they put their differences behind to learn something martial arts that originate from another culture.

Ratings: 4/5 stars.

Book Review: Learning English with Tasha and Benji


If you are a non-native English speaker and looking to teach your children English, this book will help do that excellently. I loved how the author tried to use Benji and Tasha to attract young readers. The simple choice of words is appropriate for kids between the age of two and eight. The illustrations used in the book too are very attractive and I find this book appealing to young readers.


The Tasha and Benji series is published by an online English school for children. The website and books are created by English for Children Worldwide. The website offers free video lessons for young children. The Tasha and Benji books are presented by native speakers with a variety of accents, and they also produce beginning vocabulary lessons presented by Samantha Weiland the author of the Tasha and Benji books as well as the beginning vocabulary books also available for sale.

Tasha and Benji’s adventures are a delightful way for the young learner to learn vocabulary, practice reading, and listening English.
The Tasha and Benji books are delightful short stories for young children that introduce English vocabulary and sentence structure. The Tasha and Benji characters introduce young learners to English in an entertaining manner. Their adventures will captivate and hold the attention of children who are new to the language and provide a wonderful foundation for their future English language education.

These classic Books for beginning readers are dedicated to changing English for young children through the power of English language and English literacy education. The books contain innovative, modified language and reading platforms to drive progressive learning results in both beginning readers and children learning English as a second language (ESL).

Our goal is to help children under 8 years old begin their English education and provide a solid foundation in the language as well as an advantage when they begin school and throughout their life. When a child learns to speak and read fluently at an early age, they will develop skills that stand out from the rest.

Book Review: Of Elven Blood by Leslie Fish

Of Elven Blood by Leslie Fish


Roxanne Defarge has three strikes against her; she’s an unsuccessful painter, miserably unlucky in love, and is carrying psychological scars of a childhood spent in a wretchedly dysfunctional family. She has given up on love, and on any hope of selling her paintings, but at least she’s found a job she likes – working as a newspaper editor for a union in Chicago. But then Roxanne witnesses a murder in the newspaper’s office, and she’s sent to Arizona for her own protection. Now she must start again, and chooses to do so at Treemark Arabian Farms, working with horses. But who can protect her from Brian Treemark, the mysterious ranch owner who reveals that he and Roxanne are members of a mysterious, ancient race—and they’re in more danger than Roxanne ever could find on the streets of Chicago? She’s going to have to learn fast, because she has an immensely extended lifespan, very rapid healing ability, and vast but untrained psychic talent. In brief, she is now an Elf and must learn to live as one. Thrust into the middle of an Elven battle, and still needing protection from those in Chicago who’d rather see her dead, Roxanne finds herself in even more danger than she ever could have imagined. Only the training she receives at Brian’s hands can protect her life. Her heart is another matter, and it will take all the skills she possesses to keep it safe from the one who told her she was of Elven blood.


I would give this book a 4-star rating. It’s an interesting paranormal story that keeps you engaged to the events taking place in the lives of the main characters. I like Roxanne and the ordeals she go through in her life especially after witnessing a murder and then learning that she was of Elven blood. The story also cuts across many cultures, which makes the plot even more interesting as the story brings the readers to different dimension. A well-written story.

Book Review: Hive by Lisa M. Cini

Hive by Lisa M. Cini


“This is not just a book, it’s a MOVEMENT. Lisa did not choose to write Hive, Hive chose her.” —Kute Blackson, transformational teacher and bestselling author of You.Are.The.One.

Four generations live under one roof in Columbus, Ohio, and they’ve figure out to make it work: dividing responsibilities and chores, re-designing some physical spaces for privacy, and reconfiguring others into common areas for all to gather and enjoy living together.

This tale of heartache, heroism, and hope is one family’s multi generational social experiment, which encompasses kids in their teens, parents in their forties, grandparents in their seventies, and a ninety-plus year-old great-grandmother. Together, as they navigate the joys and challenges that come with aging in America, they’re also answering the question, “How does family help you thrive at home when you’re old?” An Alzheimer’s/dementia diagnosis adds a layer of complexity, yet the family resolves to keep their eldest at home for as long as she’s happy, safe and engaged in life. The younger generation learns much from their elders, and the elders from their children. While mastering the use of technology and new family systems, they’re also mastering the use of humor, tolerance, and patience. Ultimately, that’s what makes this four-generation experiment a success.

Practical design advice and clear-eyed strategies are mixed with personal tips and observations, making it easy to see how anyone can transform their home in into their own multi-generational living situation. Her stories are honest, both funny and poignant. The family’s fiascos are counterbalanced by their many successes, the greatest one being that as individuals and as a family, they continue to thrive.

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Hive is an excellent read! Now, the subject of multi-generational living cuts across various cultures and families around the world. While the issues and challenges these families face may differ according to each culture, the root cause of the problem remains the same. Lack of understanding and tolerance between each generation are among the root causes and Lisa had clearly explained how this can be achieved among the Western communities. Her experience in designing interiors for senior living will benefit everyone reading this books as came up with excellent tips on how multi-generations can live under one roof with minimal misunderstandings.

Apart from that, most importantly, Lisa had also explained how the family values can be passed down effectively when kids live with their grandparents and how the family root remains strong even when our lives often blend with modern values.

I highly recommend this book to all couples and parents looking to start a family as this would set an excellent direction for their lives ahead.

Two Girls in a Café by Lawrence G. Taylor


Two Girls in a Café: A Short Story by [Taylor, Lawrence G.]

Two Girls in a Café


A young man becomes the subject of a contentious conversation between Felicity and Ruth. They have different impressions about the man´s character. The question is whether both girls have the right end of the stick. An intriguing short story with a twist – “Contemporary, witty, honest and ironic”.


This is a 7-page long short story that is will keep you engaged throughout the read. I enjoyed how the writer had managed to write about conversation between two women. It’s a very descriptive story that literally makes you feel like you are one of the characters in the story. A fast-paced short story that has ends in a completely unexpected way. It’s a recommended read for everyone looking to take a short break in between their busy schedules!