Book Review: Hive by Lisa M. Cini

Hive by Lisa M. Cini


“This is not just a book, it’s a MOVEMENT. Lisa did not choose to write Hive, Hive chose her.” —Kute Blackson, transformational teacher and bestselling author of You.Are.The.One.

Four generations live under one roof in Columbus, Ohio, and they’ve figure out to make it work: dividing responsibilities and chores, re-designing some physical spaces for privacy, and reconfiguring others into common areas for all to gather and enjoy living together.

This tale of heartache, heroism, and hope is one family’s multi generational social experiment, which encompasses kids in their teens, parents in their forties, grandparents in their seventies, and a ninety-plus year-old great-grandmother. Together, as they navigate the joys and challenges that come with aging in America, they’re also answering the question, “How does family help you thrive at home when you’re old?” An Alzheimer’s/dementia diagnosis adds a layer of complexity, yet the family resolves to keep their eldest at home for as long as she’s happy, safe and engaged in life. The younger generation learns much from their elders, and the elders from their children. While mastering the use of technology and new family systems, they’re also mastering the use of humor, tolerance, and patience. Ultimately, that’s what makes this four-generation experiment a success.

Practical design advice and clear-eyed strategies are mixed with personal tips and observations, making it easy to see how anyone can transform their home in into their own multi-generational living situation. Her stories are honest, both funny and poignant. The family’s fiascos are counterbalanced by their many successes, the greatest one being that as individuals and as a family, they continue to thrive.

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Hive is an excellent read! Now, the subject of multi-generational living cuts across various cultures and families around the world. While the issues and challenges these families face may differ according to each culture, the root cause of the problem remains the same. Lack of understanding and tolerance between each generation are among the root causes and Lisa had clearly explained how this can be achieved among the Western communities. Her experience in designing interiors for senior living will benefit everyone reading this books as came up with excellent tips on how multi-generations can live under one roof with minimal misunderstandings.

Apart from that, most importantly, Lisa had also explained how the family values can be passed down effectively when kids live with their grandparents and how the family root remains strong even when our lives often blend with modern values.

I highly recommend this book to all couples and parents looking to start a family as this would set an excellent direction for their lives ahead.

Two Girls in a Café by Lawrence G. Taylor


Two Girls in a Café: A Short Story by [Taylor, Lawrence G.]

Two Girls in a Café


A young man becomes the subject of a contentious conversation between Felicity and Ruth. They have different impressions about the man´s character. The question is whether both girls have the right end of the stick. An intriguing short story with a twist – “Contemporary, witty, honest and ironic”.


This is a 7-page long short story that is will keep you engaged throughout the read. I enjoyed how the writer had managed to write about conversation between two women. It’s a very descriptive story that literally makes you feel like you are one of the characters in the story. A fast-paced short story that has ends in a completely unexpected way. It’s a recommended read for everyone looking to take a short break in between their busy schedules!

Book Review: Moralities for Life: Thoughts and Behaviors Justified

Moralities for Life


Moralities for Life are thoughts that roam through everyone’s mind at one time or another. They are concerns everyone once has had and remained with them until they became a part of what one intrinsically is. People often contemplate and wonder about ethics, friendships, society, religion, politics, relations, romance, faith, emotions, reactions, interactions, sexuality and the like. This book encompasses those concerns and much more. It projects their sensitivities in a neutral sense that is inclusive, yet bears in mind humanity as a whole. Those moralities have transpired from observations and experiences around the world, and are presented through a logical comprehensive method. The purpose is to provide joy that emerges from a selfless vision and elation that springs from a constructive attitude toward one’s own surroundings. This new outlook would be liable to aid one with a pragmatic vision that is optimistic and has a positive affirmation.


I loved every bits of this book as it helped me to reflect on a lot of aspects in life. As a non-fiction book lover, I find the life experiences of the author to be very beneficial to anyone reading this book. It also helps readers to understand an issue from a different perspective. The topics debated and discussed in this book encourage someone to connect with their souls deeper and find their inner voice. I would recommend this book to people of all ages seeking to gain clarity in various important aspects pertaining to life.

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Book Review: Rehumanized Drew by K. M. Baginski


Drew Royce was a lot of things he didn’t want to be.
A murderer, rapist and ex-Windstalker. His humanity was poorly spent; and all he has after his taste of the supernatural is a battered and ignored soul. The weight of his actions visit him each night as proof he must still be alive.

But now, even as an abducted criminal, kept ward by an evolved Nephilim race and used as a weapon against their enemy, he still has to defeat the beast who stole his humanity – himself.


This book is highly recommended to anyone looking to have a good read on a supernatural story. Drew is a man who has returned to the human form once again after being turned into an Evo-Nephilim. Things from his past life that he can still remember hunt him down and readers can see him stumbling between being good and bad.

If you like reading anything related to Greek Mythology, this book is a must-read as you would love how the author had incorporated Greek Myth into this story.


This is a standalone book that is very captivating. Good for anyone looking to escape the reality for a bit.

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Book Review: Basically Frightened: Yet Another Slice of Post-Apocalyptia


Basically Frightened: Yet Another Slice of Post-Apocalyptia by [Pugh, Vasily]

Basically Frightened


You haven’t read anything like ‘Basically Frightened’ before – a genre-busting mix of post-apocalyptic action, adventure and suspense all heavily laced with whimsy and observational humour. An unlikely hero, a global pandemic, a tentative venture into a fractured world, ‘Basically Frightened’ has been described as ‘Shaun of the Dead’ meets ‘Pushing Daisies’, a slice of fiction that embraces what ordinary people might do when ‘The Shakes’ begin. Meet feral kids, roaming bands of the moderately psychotic, minor local celebrities, plucky heroines, loveable old ladies, people whose love of certain popular sci-fi villains has gone too far and a mysterious organisation simply known as ‘Order’.

With much more to come, ‘Basically Frightened’ is the first glorious step into a very different kind of dystopia. So it’s time to lift up the shutters, eat the last Mars Bar and meet a brave new world.
Be thrilled, be amused, be mildly distracted…be ‘Basically Frightened’.


If you think the previous version of the book had ruined your reading experience, the newly edited version will ensure that you could focus on the story without being distracted by the spelling errors that the book previously had.

A highly-imaginative writer who pulls us into a dystopian world in the future where the story personally connects with readers to force them to imagine living in a catastrophic society. The dark humor, captivating characters and settings will leave you wanting more from the author. It’s definitely a fresh idea of writing a dystopian book. A great read.

Book Review: The Real Estate Rookie

The Real Estate Rookie: A fun, sometimes absurd, uplifting story for anyone who owns, sells,buys, rents, builds or who has even driven by real estate by [Boog, Bob]

The Real Estate Rookie


When Bob Boog finally escaped his family home and the constant chatter about Real Estate, it was to attend UCLA on a merit scholarship. Finally, he thought, he was free from a business he had no desire to be a part of.
But on one of his frequent ‘laundry visits’ to the family home, he was suddenly presented with a ticket for a Real Estate seminar and felt compelled to attend. It was something which changed his opinions, his plans for the future and his life.
Inspired by the words of Real Estate guru Tom Hopkins, Bob decided to get his licence and studied harder for the exam than he did for some of the ones on his course, passing it on his first attempt.
And then, armed with this new-found ability and a desire to become the ‘Rookie of the Year’ he entered the world he had sworn he never would.
The Real Estate Rookie is the often ridiculous, sometimes absurd and always hilarious account of his journey from someone who would cringe at the very mention of Real Estate, to one who lived and breathed every moment of it.
“A fun read. I warmly recommend The Real Estate Rookie.”


A highly recommended read for anyone looking to read a light-hearted book authored by an experienced real estate agent. I like how the author shared some of the moments in his life from the real estate field, as it further validates the insights of real estate industry provided in this book. Blended with humor, this book is a quick read for anyone wanting to understand the real estate industry in an easy way. I look forward to more work from this author.

Book Review: The Big Lie about Reading Glasses: A retired family doctor’s journey to understand and overcome presbyopia

The Big Lie About Reading Glasses


Presbyopia is not irreversible like it was proclaimed for so long. That is the big presbyopia lie. Glasses and contact lenses or surgery are not the only valid options. My presbyopia was addressed successfully (careful choice of words here) with eye drops made of natural elements and lifestyle changes. These eye drops are protected by a trade secret. The book in bullet points: Eye exercises do not work Reading glasses are worsening the eye condition called presbyopia (need to use reading glasses after the age of 40) LASIK and conventional eye surgery against presbyopia carry risks (like halos, infection, inhability to drive at night and blindness). Using reading glasses makes the problem of presbyopia worst faster. This simple read is written in a very accesible format filled with anecdotes. But do not be fooled by the simple style of the author, you will learn a lot about the aging process of the eyes and sight and will discover natural ways to overcome the need for reading glasses.


This book will shed light on the myths revolving around presbyopia and reading glass as the commonly suggested remedy. In fact, this book explains how reading glasses actually do more harm than good. Those suffering from presbyopia will learn more about natural remedies to cure it, by simply learning the root cause of the problem. Advices in this book that come from a doctor further encourage readers to drop the need for a reading glass. This book is a perfect read for those having presbyopia or have family members suffering from it.

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