Book Review: Attitude of Gratitude: 30-Day Gratitude Journal

Start each day with gratitude. This is a self-exploration journal, designed to make you feel more thankful and build a new outlook on life. Each day dedicate some time to self-reflect and check in with yourself.

  • 30-Day Gratitude Journal
  • Gratitude Daily Habits
  • Explore Self-Reflective Questions
  • Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great 30-day gratitude journal that helps to develop the attitude to practice gratitude. A pretty book that makes you want to look forward to spending time for self-reflection. The writing prompts include:

1. Name three things you are grateful for today.
2. Use the emoji’s below to rate your level of happiness.
3. Use the space below to reflect on your day. What went well? What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting kickstart their journaling habit in a sustainable manner.


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