Upcoming Author Live Chat with Fans: Fictionalizing real stories based on childhood with family

Author Live Chat with William A. Glass

Author William A. Glass Live Chat with Fans

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22nd December 2020 8 PM CST on Facebook page (International Book Promotion)

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– Fictionalizing real stories based on childhood with family –

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About the Author:

William A. Glass, formerly a VP at Gallup, now coaches soccer at a small college in South Carolina and writes. He lives with wife, Bettina, who is a high school German teacher. They have three sons who have all moved away to pursue careers.

His book, ‘As Good As Can Be’ draws on the author’s experiences growing up in an out-of-control military family during the 1950’s and his own military experience.

Learn more about his work here https://www.williamaglass.com/about and https://www.amazon.com/As-Good-Can-Be/dp/1946005347/ref