Author Interview with Alex G. Zarate

Alex G. Zarate

Long (LONG) ago, Alex was born somewhere in Texas when a rip in space/time opened a dimensional rift that nearly wiped out all of humanity. (It might have been a little different but he was newborn and hadn’t thought to take notes.)

Alex writes books, creates worlds and ventures forth to take pictures of this planet he shares with you kind co-inhabitants of this lovely blue orb.  (Thank you for that. Y’all are great!)  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so when he posts online, this is always at the forefront of his mind.  Some of the words he uses are shared wisdom and others are hopeful insights.

Feel free to check out the Instagram link below.  (Don’t be afraid.  It won’t bite.) 

Alex also likes to draw and illustrate his books.  He is constantly crafting stories in his head when he should be paying attention to the road.  But until he can stop time, (This is on his “To-do” list)  he will make do with the allotted hours at his disposal.

Despite the limited time span of each day and the grim reaper trying to sneak up on him whenever he gets distracted by shiny things, Alex follows his passions.

Most of all, he creates.

Whether it is the next book in a series, a blog topic to cover, a new place to take pictures that he just can’t get out of his head or new illustrations that continue to prompt him for more tweaking, Alex seeks out new and creative ways of expressing himself.

In the meantime, Alex travels to distant worlds, fights monsters on a bi-weekly basis, peers into alternate dimensions when they grab his attention and once in a while, when the inclination is upon him… he saves the world.

It’s a hobby.

Alex sleeps between blinks or when his eyes close unexpectedly.

He and Snoopy have word sprints for fun on weekends and holidays

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Massol, a small town on the moon.  No, not this one.  Around Saturn.  Nice little place but pricey.  I like it here more.  Better sunsets, interesting people.  Plus, the air is free!

Why do you write?

It’s a calling. I’m a creative. Writing is part of who I am.

What do you write about?

Other worlds, mysteries, fighting darkness and reaching for the light

Do you have a specific writing style?

My style falls somewhere between Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allen Poe

What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? 

Mostly allocating time to the task. Scheduling is key to any creative lifestyle.

What’s the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work?

That my book was the best thing to come along when they needed help with overcoming life’s challenges.

How long have you been writing?

All my life

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

When I realized books were written by people

What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

Mostly I write at night. I do some writing during the day but I write well into midnight every night.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I like to have classical music playing, a snack on hand and coffee or tea to sip

How long does it take to write a book?

Some have taken months and others, years. It varies depending on the project.

Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer?

Read lots and write more.

What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story? The challenge of describing what I see in my head. When the story is taking shape, I want to follow it full steam but describing every scene and character turns a complicated scene into a project in itself.

What do you think makes a good story?

Good characters, relatable situations and a worthwhile struggle by the end.

What does your family think of your writing?

My family always discouraged me from writing until I became a published author.

Do you see writing as a career?


Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell the readers?

I want you all to enjoy what I write. My Nonfiction is meant to encourage everyone on a daily basis. My Fiction has dark situations but will always have a happy ending to look forward to.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I always considered my self a writer. A writer writes. Am I a bestseller? No. A household name? No. Am I following my writing passion? Always.


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