An Interview with Author Thomas Michael Thomas

*Tells us about The Evil Within the House

 I love Occult-lore and Science Fiction, but I wanted that to be the backdrop in a natural setting. So, I introduce the audience to two poor teenagers who have rough family lives, while coping with the tragic death of their best friend set in 1984. Their séance goes wrong, and they seek out further spiritual guidance, while they search for a mysterious pendant, that is rumored to have healing properties. As the story developed, Jake and Clarence kind of took off on their own, and their dialog and reactions grew dramatically as the story progressed. Plus, it is fun to write about seances in graveyards, tasseography, and portals to the astral world, also it was fun to explore on my made-up sci-fi word, that I am coining in this interview, Metageometroncalchemaltransmission. My next book, the prequel to The Evil Within the House will dive further into interdimensional travel.

I threw the kitchen sink at the audience with this one. In short, if you like coming-of-age movies like Stand by Me and have a love for the X-Files, then The Evil Within the House should be right up your alley.

*Why do you write?

I have always written, and wanted to publish, it has just taken focus and dedication to create something that I am content with. Self-publishing makes it a lot easier for any author to get started. Especially with Amazon’s print on demand. I was surprised how well physical copies have sold versus e-book’s.

*What motivates you to write?

I read a lot of horror novels, particularly paperbacks from the 1980’s. They were known as spin-rack paperbacks, put out by a company called Zebra. They have been tagged as paperbacks from hell, the artwork is flashy, and the writing is more daring than mainstream horror.

*How do you write?

Most of my ideas develop when I go for a long run. Usually, I email myself notes through out the day and form an outline at night. When I wrote The Evil Within the House, I had constructed the dialog for each scene while I was away from my computer. For me, it is easier to work on dialog as if a movie is playing out in my head. By the time I write the dialog, the clunky parts are figured out.

*How much sleep do you get during the process?

In the few weeks leading up to publishing, I got very little sleep. I received good criticism from my beta-readers and applied most of their suggestions, since the book has a few time jumps. The week before publishing, I read and re-read the book multiple times, via Text to Speech, I think I got 12 hours of sleep in three days, right before I hit print.

*If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone dead or alive, who would you ask?

Kurt Vonnegut and Quentin Tarantino You can follow me on Twitter @ThomasMichaelT9


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