Book Video Review #16: Born To Rise by Lorna Blake

Born to a poor teenage mother in rural Jamaica, Lorna experienced poverty, abandonment, and abuse. She boarded a plane to Canada on her own as a teenager with no guarantee of a visa, eventually gaining citizenship. Lorna defied the odds, overcoming poverty to graduate from university with an honors degree in social work while becoming the mother of two young children.

Her passion for learning and helping people transform their lives has led her to work in 5 different countries, where she’s taught and inspired thousands globally. Her compelling story of confronting the truth of her paternity was featured in an anthology published in 2018. Lorna’s latest work is her first autobiography account that details her early upbringing, life lessons learned through major life setbacks, and the exhilaration experienced in defying the odds.

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The scores are: Internal Layout: 10/10 Plot Development: 10/10 Key Takeaway Message: 10/10 Overall score: 30/30 If you have books with issues that matter to the society and you want me to review them, check out ​ #booktuber


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