147 Book Festivals Happening in 2020

A list of book festivals happening in 2020
Photo by Ivo Rainha on Pexels.com

I personally feel that, as an author, it is crucial to attend book festivals to connect with the like-minded communities. It is where you can meet readers, writers, publishers and literary agents who may represent your work one day.

Attending author events can be costly and that is the reason why I chose to attend three of the many interesting writing-related workshops and book launch that took place October this year. I wish I could attend all of them and meet as many interesting people from the events but time and cost are the two factors that would often prompt us to prioritize our choice, which I think is good as we are forced to think efficiently.

I just made a quick google search for Author Events 2020, and this link caught my attention. However, I do think that it has not covered several other events like the Ubud Writing Festival, Bali Indonesia, even in this website list as well, which is a very well-known event among the international writing community. So, you may want to look for other sources that populate author events that have been missed out in this list.

Are you planning to attend an event next year? Comment your choice of event(s) below, and share with me why you’d like to be a part of the event(s).