Flash Sale for Book Trailer

Flash Sale for Book Trailer

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In the effort to boost the Author Live Chat with Fans interview’s marketing plan, I thought of coming up with an idea of bringing in two author friends (preferably from the same genre) to join our interview session. This will help both authors to leverage each other’s existing network and find new fans. The live session will also be more fun and exciting as two friends coming on screen would feel more comfortable to talk to each other. Apart from that, the cost of live interview session for one author would be reduced by half as the half will be borne by the other. We are rolling this out soon and will notify our mailing list audience first to test things out.

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The Sin of a Fresh Graduate

The Sin of a Fresh Graduate

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How to Claim Your Free Book Teaser Trailer

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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jasveena, the founder of International Book Promotion. I founded IBP to help authors in author branding and to help them embrace authorpreneurship. As a reader, I often find that authors are not interactive on social media and this prompted me to initiate an effort to bridge the gap between authors and readers.

For this purpose, we use video marketing as videos add a personal touch to anything we would like to talk about. With that on mind, we host live author interview sessions with authors and readers, video trailers and book video reviews, all at a fraction of price authors pay for premium marketing packages.

My goal is always to expose authors to new book market, and our goal for the year 2019 is to provide affordable print-on-demand publishing options for authors at countries where Amazon isn’t the predominant bookstore.

We also host Group Author Interviews every month, offer free publicity for authors when there are events we host. We also accept author guest posts.

Although we focus on video marketing, we also offer book publishing services like editing, formatting and beta reading services, and we love written reviews and book tours. For this purpose, we’d always leverage the expertise of existing service providers. We either avail their services or partner with them to offer a book promo package. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for book publicists, book bloggers, BookTubers and reviewers.

This May, we’re in need of more #religious #spirituality authors. Sign up here to participate. Author Interview Sign Up Form

A book I co-authored, entitled ‘The Sin of A Fresh Graduate’ would be published in May. I’m also a blogger at thoughtsandviewsthatmatter.blogspot.com where I write on social issues.

Women’s Day Offer: 80% Discounted Book Trailer

Video-Marketing for Books Gets Easier With IBP

Book Trailer Offer

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Video advertisements have proven to be an effective way to provide visual appeal to viewers. With YouTube being the world’s third popular site, you could be missing out a lot if you don’t choose video marketing for your books.

From 7th March to 10th March, our Women author mailing list subscribers can purchase the 1-min cinematic book trailer at 80% PRICE CUT! You only need to spend $50 instead of $250.

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We look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards,
Founder of International Book Promotion

How To Promote a Video on Social Media

At International Book Promotion, we have been helping authors to increase the online presence through video marketing and the infographic below tells you why videos are effective in ensuring your messages reaching the target audience.

We’ve also had clients telling us how their book trailers had been helping them to sell books. You too can utilise technological tools to sell books, if you how to use them effectively.

testimonial from Kaye

Testimonial from a client



Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C. by Edward Galluzzi

Mirror, Mirror at 1600 DC COVER

Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.

IBP is releasing author Edward Galluzzi’s cinematic book trailer for his book ‘Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.’

Join the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/1725960457676012/

Watch the trailer here https://youtu.be/CNixa-Jd02Y

The 5-star rated ‘Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.’ book now ranks #11,406,008 in the overall Amazon best sellers category. The categorical rankings are as follow:

#17204 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Political
#24460 in Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Thrillers & Suspense > Spies & Politics > Espionage
#268475 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary

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Book blurb:

Under any circumstances, the role of the President of the United States is arduous and replete with challenges. The enduring patriarchy of presidents had ended with the first woman elected to this high office in America. This pioneering leader is delighting her supporters and readily converting her critics when she is kidnapped suddenly. But by whom? And for what reason? The unfolding plot is a matter of survival…not only personal survival, but also hanging in the balance is the endurance of the Presidency and the privilege of democracy in America. It will take a very special agent to expose this sinister plot. But whatever the costs, the President must be recovered . . . dead or alive.


Check out http://www.galluzzibooks.com/works.html to learn more about the author.

Book Trailer: The Lord of the Clans by Chris Lange

It was our please to work with author Chris Lange on the book trailer for ‘The Lord of the Clans’. Chris is our first-time customer and placed the order via PayPal without even contacting us prior to placing the order. We are honoured to have your trust on our service and we will always strive to deliver the best to you.

Chris’ feedback upon watching the trailer for the first time:

I never imagined I’d get such a fantastic trailer, I love it.

IBP’s official book trailer for The Lord of the Clans by Chris Lange.


Captured by a rival clan, Ariana is chained to a wall and about to be tortured. The Four Kingdoms aren’t safe anymore. As if crossing dangerous territories wasn’t bad enough, she is now trapped in a cave with her jailers. But they have it all wrong.

She isn’t a spy, she’s just a healer on her way to her sick aunt. Escape is out of the question as she’s a weak woman, yet fear twists her stomach when she realizes who will decide if she lives or dies. The legendary Lord of the Clans will believe her or execute her. He’s huge, he’s powerful and he has the power of life and death over all the tribes. But maybe she has it all wrong.

Get it on Amazon today! http://www.amazon.com/The-Lord-Clans-Chris-Lange-ebook/dp/B00RXXOMR4

Featured Author:Coleman Weeks for IBP’s Book Trailer Release Party

Coleman Weeks

Coleman Weeks

International Book Promotion is launching the cinematic book trailer for Author Joseph Pierre’s book, “Life Experience of A Black Man by Joseph Pierre” on Facebook and Google + 

We will host a series of fun-filled activities and guest authors will also be participating in this event. Invite your friends who to this event and stand a chance to win exciting prices!

The first author we’d like to feature is Coleman Weeks.

Coleman Weeks is an ardent Indie Author, featuring several genre including Fiction Inspirational, Mystery and soon to be published Fictional children’s “Garden Games” and two fictional Histories, an American History “Crackertails” and an under construction effort in an International history “Jungle Heat”. Coleman also dabbles in Non-Fiction Inspirational in the published novel and guide “How do We Feed the World’s Starving?”.


Coleman will be providing “Corkscrew Catastrophie”  http://www.amazon.com/Corkscrew-Catastrophe-Coleman-Weeks-ebook/dp/B00H3RF378/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8  in digital format free from April 10th-18th to celebrate Joseph’s work.
 A message from Coleman to Joseph:
             thank you for the opportunity to celebrate your enlightening perspective on racism.
 Racism and all forms of intolerance humanity subjects one another to is  the vehicle hate
spreads it’s poison with. Until Humanity learns to nourish and protect each other suffering 
will dominate our lives instead of joy. The problems on the other side of the planet quickly
becomes our own, one way or another we will learn. 
Please join us in this event to win great books and to get to know great authors! 🙂

IBP’s Trailer: Behind Blue Eyes by Dianne Wolfenden


There are good and bad vampires in the world, here we meet them all.

Caution, this book contains scenes of extreme violence

Cain was born in England in 1917. At the end of WWII Cain returned to England, longing for the comforts of home, but found his mother was different; she had been changed by a vampire who preys on women.
There came a point where his mother felt there was no choice…Cain had to be turned as well.

After watching his mother die he changed his way of thinking, his way of feeding. He tried to reclaim some of his humanity but it was not easy as he was fueled by rage against the one that had changed her. He wanted his revenge and nothing would stop him.

After he was attacked he came across a young girl, ten year old Mia, whose innocence was slowly being taken away from her. They needed each other, and both their lives depended on it.

The world was a very bad place for Mia. She was about to find out just how much worse it could get.

Visit Amazon to purchase the book.

Looking For A Discounted Book Trailer?

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