Featured Author:Coleman Weeks for IBP’s Book Trailer Release Party

Coleman Weeks

Coleman Weeks

International Book Promotion is launching the cinematic book trailer for Author Joseph Pierre’s book, “Life Experience of A Black Man by Joseph Pierre” on Facebook and Google + 

We will host a series of fun-filled activities and guest authors will also be participating in this event. Invite your friends who to this event and stand a chance to win exciting prices!

The first author we’d like to feature is Coleman Weeks.

Coleman Weeks is an ardent Indie Author, featuring several genre including Fiction Inspirational, Mystery and soon to be published Fictional children’s “Garden Games” and two fictional Histories, an American History “Crackertails” and an under construction effort in an International history “Jungle Heat”. Coleman also dabbles in Non-Fiction Inspirational in the published novel and guide “How do We Feed the World’s Starving?”.


Coleman will be providing “Corkscrew Catastrophie”  http://www.amazon.com/Corkscrew-Catastrophe-Coleman-Weeks-ebook/dp/B00H3RF378/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8  in digital format free from April 10th-18th to celebrate Joseph’s work.
 A message from Coleman to Joseph:
             thank you for the opportunity to celebrate your enlightening perspective on racism.
 Racism and all forms of intolerance humanity subjects one another to is  the vehicle hate
spreads it’s poison with. Until Humanity learns to nourish and protect each other suffering 
will dominate our lives instead of joy. The problems on the other side of the planet quickly
becomes our own, one way or another we will learn. 
Please join us in this event to win great books and to get to know great authors! 🙂

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