How To Promote a Video on Social Media

At International Book Promotion, we have been helping authors to increase the online presence through video marketing and the infographic below tells you why videos are effective in ensuring your messages reaching the target audience.

We’ve also had clients telling us how their book trailers had been helping them to sell books. You too can utilise technological tools to sell books, if you how to use them effectively.

testimonial from Kaye

Testimonial from a client



Video Is The New Face of Content Marketing

Video Is The New Face of Content Marketing Video Is The New Face of Content Marketing

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Unleash The Power of Video Marketing!


This chart shows you why you should be using video marketing as one of the marketing ways to promote books! Unleash the power of video marketing via book trailers and author interviews offered by

Author Live Chat With Erik Nelson and Fans

Author Erik Nelson has just published his second book in The SomnAgent series which is The Shadows and the Innocence. 

If you love reading The Lord of The Rings or if you know anyone looking for a good fantasy book to read, be sure to check this Live Chat out and share this event with your friends!

Author Erik Nelson will be joining us for the Author Live Chat session with his fans on August 29th from 6 PM to 6.30 PM Pacific time (GMT -7:00). We will make official announcement If there is a change in date and time of the event . Check out what he has to say about his newest release, The SomnAgent volume 2 with us. You can choose to watch this event without joining the conversation, type out your questions via chat during the interview or come live on screen to ask your questions !

Join us here

Author Live Chat with Erik Nelson
If you’d like to participate in this event Live, please contact us via and we will send you an invite. To the rest of you who’d like to be viewers, hit the ‘going’ option on this event page and bookmark this interview to watch it Live on YouTube or Google +  

IBP hosted Erik’s book launch event on Facebook and we have picked two winners! Check out the book cover and the link to his RADIO INTERVIEW on Facebook

Erik’s author page:

Buy links: Book 2

Book 1: