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Video advertisements have proven to be an effective way to provide visual appeal to viewers. With YouTube being the world’s third popular site, you could be missing out a lot if you don’t choose video marketing for your books.

What can a good book trailer do for you?

  • Save your time explaining about your book over and over again!
  • Enhance your internet presence on all search engines.
  • Visualize your book to let people ”watch” it. Ask yourself why YouTube and video advertisements are popular.
  • Captures the essence of your book to arouse curiosity among readers.
  • Attach and advertise your book on Amazon and other online book stores.

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But, you don’t have to pay a heavy $$$ (or even $$$$) for it. Why spend so much money when you can get it for much cheaper price at IBP?

Read the blog post by one of the famous Suspense & Mystery novelists, author Mimi Barbour, where she had shared her experience working with us!

IBP’s Cinematic Book Trailers are super cheap and super good — Mimi Barbour, Mystery/Suspense novelist (The Vegas Series)
Working with the team at IBP made my experience with having my first trailer done for my book easy and so I had so much fun working with them. They understood what I was looking for and the end result is fantastic. I will definitely work with them Karen Doherty Rouillard
IBP has done a fantastic job on my trailer and I’m so glad I chose their services. With just a book cover and a blurb, IBP captured the feel of my fantasy novel. I’d recommend IBP to any author looking for professional quality at a very reasonable price. — Chris, author of THE LORD OF THE CLANS.
IBP has done such a wonderful job on my book trailers as well as marketing my novels. With the best prices and quality work, they are the best company I have worked with! — Kelli Sue Landon, Murder Mystery Novelist.

1) Cinematic Book Trailer

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1 min trailer – $250

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1.5 min trailer – $275

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2 min trailer – $300

Cinematic trailer is a video made by blending royalty free video clips using motion graphics, sound effect, background music, animation and professional voice over to capture the theme of your book and deliver the blurb in an attractive way. You will also get video submission service to 40 video hosting sites other than YouTube. We will also host a trailer release event on social media.

If you’d like to purchase any one of the services in this package separately, an À la carte is available. Contact us for a quote.

Because the normal trailers created using still images are so boring and ineffective. Bring your book to life with cinematic effect.

We will take about ten working days to produce a preview of your video. You can get back to us highlighting the changes* you need us to make.

We will help you post the video on our YouTube channel and 40 other video hosting channels. We have excellent web presence on all video hosting sites. We will also post the video on social media channels.

Anyone that comes across your video on social media or video hosting sites will get to know about your book. We use relevant keywords and tags so when someone searches the internet using one of your keywords, your video will be found in the search results. Sounds cool?

2) Instant Book Trailer

If you need a classy yet SUPER CHEAP trailer, we can design a 1 minute video for you using ready-made templates. Your trailer comes with a background music.

Instant Trailer – $100

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If you need other add-ons like trailer release event service, animation, motion graphics or sound effect added to this package, contact us for a quote.

Hit that ‘buy now‘ button and we will be notified about your purchase via email immediately.

We will send you a follow-up e-mail and you should send:

* book cover,blurb/PDF copy,URL to your website and to buy book.
* background copyright free images/illustrations/music if you have any.

If you have questions, contact us today and we will assist you! Please check out other services and thank you for shopping with us.


As author of “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C.,” my experience with International Book Promotion was positive, productive and efficient. Given the materials I sent IBP, they constructed a cinematic book trailer that required minimal tweaking on my part. They listened to my feedback and made the necessary adjustments. I am quite happy with the quality of the video clips, music and voice over selected by IBP to create my book trailer. They produced a professional looking video trailer that will give potential readers insight as to the mystery thriller that is “Mirror, Mirror at 1600 D.C..” – Edward Galluzzi, Author

IBP has been the best investment in publicizing my novel, The Dark Tides. They have provided me with outstanding book reviews at reasonable rates as well as outstanding video services. They are prompt, efficient and keep in constant communication to ensure quality of service. I would highly recommend any independent or self published author check out IBP! – Mark Piggot, Author of The Avalon Series

I want to thank the founder of IBP and all the representatives who have worked to the highest level of their capacity to perfect my book trailer. I comment you all for your devotion, excellency, and your priority to satisfy your authors. My questions were answered, and answered accordingly. My work was completed and completed perfectly. I am grateful for that. I am grateful because you have prioritized the quality of my work, my satisfaction, and performed in a dignified manner. Once again thank you for all. – Joseph Pierre, Author of ”Life Experience of A Self-Respecting Black Man”

I am really pleased with the great job that IBP did on my trailer. A friendly and fast service, I would highly recommend them to other authors. — Sara Drake, Author of Quest For Eden

Jasveena, the founder of IBP, has been a joy to work with. She and her staff have put up with my foibles, and she has been earnest in her desire to match my needs, which were peculiar and many. I plan to do more business with IBP. — Kenneth Stephens

IBP produced my book trailer for my first novel, “Intangible.” I am very pleasantly surprised that there are quality royalty-free photos available, especially that bring my characters to life, and I love the music! The trailer evokes the feel that I was going for: that of a blockbuster movie. IBP is also easy to work with and get ahold of during the production process, and their prices are reasonable. I’d definitely recommend them! — C.A Gray, Author of Intangible.
My experience with international book promotion was nothing short of amazing. Quick, efficient, and of excellent quality. Everything from the soundtrack to placement of photos was more than what I expected and everyone who has viewed my trailer… loves it! I am very pleased and would and do recommend their services to others. — Samuel Alexander, Author of Salinor: The Beginnings.

I am so happy with my book trailer from International Book Promotion! “The Basement” is my first novel and it is important that my book trailer display an accurate description of my book. It was a quick and easy process. Working with Jasveena was a pleasure. She listened carefully to my input and created a book trailer that I’m proud to show off. Great work and experience. — Vashti Quiroz-Vega, Author of The Basement.

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