Mimi Says: “Cinematic Book Trailers That Are Super Cheap and Super Good”

We were hosting two book trailer release events on Facebook for two wonderful authors. Author Kelli Sue Landon has just published her fifth novel, a sequel to the Summer Shack novel by the title of “The Henderson Harbor Killings”. Author Mimi Barbour had requested us to design a cinematic book trailer for The Vegas Series box set.

We are so happy that both events went really good. Congratulations to the winners too! Mimi has shared her experience working with us on her blog and we were so thrilled and delighted to read it. It’s probably one of the best ways to endorse a service to someone else. We thought that you might want to know what she is thinking about her new trailer.

I waited impatiently to see the outcome and again, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they create a lovely trailer, they threw me a release party on Facebook and invited their two thousand plus friends. How nice!

Read the rest of the article on her official blog where she has explained about how she got to know us and some of the processes involved in getting a book trailer done!


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