A Very Postal Christmas by Kelli Sue Landon

Author Kelli Sue Landon has published a new book for Christmas 2014 and we are thrilled to produce a new cinematic book trailer for her! A book release party is going on on Facebook and you are invited to join and donate e-books!

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A Christmas Party is planned for some postal workers, including a White Elephant gift exchange. Most employees are reluctant to join in, since they are so grouchy, but organizer Angel Noel miraculously gets everyone to gather around the tree, share stories, open gifts, and have some good food. While arguing over each other’s gifts, the partiers soon find out that the big boss, Krissy Winters, is dead in her office. Rumor has it that Barry Jingles was sleeping with her. Could he be the murderer or is it short-tempered clerk, Ginger Snap? Grouchy mail carrier Jack Frost is also a suspect along with Star Spice, the meanest boss around. Which postal nut did it? Investigator Charles Chestnut is called in to solve the mystery!


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IBP’s Trailer: The Fallyn Trilogy by K. J. Rollinson

The official book trailer by IBP for The Fallyn Trilogy written by K. J. Rollinson.

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IBP’s Trailer: Destiny’s Decision by Author Lisa Glenn

IBP’s Official book trailer for author Lisa Glenn’s book; Destiny’s Decision


Destiny is a single mother looking for a better life for herself and her teenage daughter. When she wins the lottery, Destiny believes her life will change for the better. How wrong she is! Getting kidnapped and fighting a category 4 hurricane is just some of the adventures you will read about in this inspirational love story.

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IBP’s Trailer: Quest for Eden by Sara Drake

Official Book Trailer for Quest For Eden by author Sara Drake


The moment Jasmine Brown turns eighteen, everything changes. Awakened to her true identity which involves soul mates, an angel and a curse, Jasmine is no longer your average person. Instead she is damned to endure life time after life, on a quest to find her beloved soul mate. In many of her lives things are often stacked against her and this life is no exception. This time around a formidable foe has made their presence known. But she discovers not only has he always been in the background, but he is responsible for guaranteeing things are never plain sailing for the pair. Luckily one thing tips the balance though; her guardian Angel. Guiding her, he tries to protect her from her tormentor and keep her grounded. But even he fears this time it will take all her strength and faith to overcome her demons. Can she conquer this life? Only time will tell.



Salinor: The Beginnings

We are glad to be a part of author Samuel Alexander’s book promotion and launching event. We have designed a video book trailer for his book. If you are a fan of Science Fiction with mystical theme and myths, be sure to check this book out.

In Salinor a prophecy is about to come true but it is held in secrets. Identities have been hidden and no one is who they appear to be. This is the world Leo and Danais have found themselves in. They are not who they thought they were; their friends and family are leading double lives; nothing is as it seems
In this world of magic and lies, lies are used to hide the truths that Leo and Danais must find out unassisted. The two of them are the key to bringing down a Tyrant who has ruled the realm with his hate for over a thousand years. Each moment spent in the search of truth brings the Tyrant closer to uncovering a plan, years in the making, that can destroy him
Salinor is full of magic, gods, humans, and magicians and the hidden prophecy holds all of them on the edge of possible destruction. The prophecy may be undone and if so, Salinor will perish. Danais and Leo must figure things out before all is lost. Then again, their lives are not the only lives to be hidden in Salinor by powerful magic.

Get it now on Amazon

IBP’s Trailer: Womens & Lemons TM By Janice L Walker.

Womens & Lemons has been published and can be bought on Amazon.com.

This book was specifically written for YOU, the Quintastic Woman. You are the fantastic woman in your 50s (although it applies to women in their 40s as well) who has been a trailblazer on life’s path up until now. Reading this book will lead you down a path to dig deep inside and bring to your consciousness those long-abandoned passions, ideas, and desires that you have voluntarily relinquished and sacrificed in order to be everything to everybody. You have lived for everyone else up until now! Your Time is Now!

Official Trailer for TL Scott’s A Life Worth Living!

Our book trailer for T.L Scott has gone live on YouTube!!! Watch it and leave your precious feedback!!

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Womens And Lemons

Yes, you read that right! Womens! Author Janice L Walker has a very noble thought to come up with a book that is intended to help our mothers and women who are above 40! Why? Because they often forget to live their life! Women have sacrificed a lot for their family and often neglect their own needs and in this book, she explains why women need to dig some time out for themselves and in fact love more for themselves above 50!

Modern Disciples By Author Ian Anderson

Author Ian Anderson has published three books in this series. It is about mythology and this story connects Gods from different world into one story! If you are into myths and suspense and also some romance in between! You ought to check out this trailer. We have made his two other trailers and Ian is doing great with his books! We invite you to check his site out and his YouTube site at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCjgsWdnjOA