A Book Video Review for Stranded in Time by Kelli Sue Landon

Ayah Assem received a copy of Kelli Sue Landon’s new release, Stranded in Time during the book trailer release event on Facebook and she has reviewed the book in this video. Have fun watching. Be sure to check out the book on Amazon

Kelli Sue Landon’s interview on Women’s Magazine

Author Kelli Sue Landon was interviewed in Women’s magazine. International Book Promotion was mentioned in the post. Check out the article below.


A Very Postal Christmas by Kelli Sue Landon

Author Kelli Sue Landon has published a new book for Christmas 2014 and we are thrilled to produce a new cinematic book trailer for her! A book release party is going on on Facebook and you are invited to join and donate e-books!

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A Christmas Party is planned for some postal workers, including a White Elephant gift exchange. Most employees are reluctant to join in, since they are so grouchy, but organizer Angel Noel miraculously gets everyone to gather around the tree, share stories, open gifts, and have some good food. While arguing over each other’s gifts, the partiers soon find out that the big boss, Krissy Winters, is dead in her office. Rumor has it that Barry Jingles was sleeping with her. Could he be the murderer or is it short-tempered clerk, Ginger Snap? Grouchy mail carrier Jack Frost is also a suspect along with Star Spice, the meanest boss around. Which postal nut did it? Investigator Charles Chestnut is called in to solve the mystery!


June Author Interview: Author #4 Kelli Sue Landon

Nightmare at Camp Forrestwood

Kelli Sue Landon is a mystery novelist and short story author. Her novels include Sudden Moves, Nightmare At Camp Forrestwood, Summer Shack: A Killer Vacation, and Stranded in Time. She is from Peoria, IL and works for the United States Postal Service.



On Tour! MP Author Kelli Sue Landon (August Tour)

Kelli Sue Landon is on tour from 25th to 29th August

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Who’s Killing The Students? Where Are The Teachers Gone Missing?

Who's Killing The Students? Where Are The Teachers Gone Missing?

We are so EXCITED to release the next book trailer for author Kelli Landon .We are welcoming everyone to join this book trailer release event and win exciting prizes and book giveaways!


Holly Jenson is a senior at Madison High School. She’s also a new student and nervous about fitting in. The senior class camping trip is coming up and with her new friend, Mindy, and her crush, Matt going, she hopes to have a good time. The school holds this camping trip every year to teach students about surviving without modern technology. Cell phones, computers, Ipods, and any other electronic devices are not allowed.

At first, Holly fears that the trip will be a disaster with the popular kids being forced to share their cabins and interact with ones who they’ve bullied. But, then things get worse when the phones stop working and people start to disappear one by one. Holly, along with Mindy and Matt, start to realize that a killer is among the group.

They have spooky campfire stories over roasted marshmallows and hiking trips when students start to disappear. Everyone is ordered to stay in their cabins by the teachers who look after them, but then they go missing too.

Holly, along with Matt and Mindy, hatch a plan to go along with the Saturday Night dance which was planned from the beginning, for the students to attend on their last night there. If they are all in the same place, they feel that the killer would be easy to catch. But, things don’t go as planned and Holly figures out who the killer is before it’s revealed. The other students doubt her, but could she be right? As they try to hang on to their last breath, they do their best to take the killer down. That is, if they live long enough.

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Second Interview With Kelli Landon, Author of Summer Shack

Second Interview With Kelli Landon, Author of Summer Shack

• Where are you from? Peoria, Illinois

• Why do you write? It puts me in another world. One that I create with my own people.

• What do you write about? Murder mysteries, usually with women as the main characters.

• Do you have a specific writing style? I was writing in first person, but then finally started branching out into the third person narration. I use more dialogue than description.

• What are obstacles that come in the way of writing? If the story is set at a particular time, make sure that whatever is mentioned was invented by then (Computer games, a certain song or movie, types of automobiles). Watch basing characters off of real people, since some may be offended. Don’t repeat plots or characters (I have caught myself doing this by accident).

• Whats the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work? My first review from Suzanne Parrott of Seattle mentioned that she would definitely read more from me and that Sudden Moves was the best YA mystery she’d read in a long time. That made my day!

• How long have you been writing? Thirty years.

• When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer? When I was a teenager and loved starting out with a blank page and pen, just doing it for fun.

• What is your work schedule like when you are writing? I write after work (3:00 pm to 5:00 pm) and on my two days off. I use all morning to write, from 7:00 am on to the afternoon.

• How long does it take to write a book? (if you’ve written one -published or non) For me, it’s normally about two months.

• Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer? Read the genre you write in, watch how other authors’ flow and description work. Try to find a local writers group and do writing exercises. Prompts are great for practice.

• What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story? When the characters and plot come to a stop. Sometimes I get hung up and cannot think of what to do next. I also have to introduce new characters into the story to help motivate my main character or give that person obstacles.

• What do you think makes a good story? I like to combine two ideas with one. It also helps to keep it fast paced with action or dialogue, so the story doesn’t lag in spots.

• What does your family think of your writing? My family never talk about it, if they like my work or not. I think it’s one area they don’t want to discuss for fear of hurting my feelings or bragging too much on their child, wife or sibling.

• Do you see writing as a career? It would be my dream career if I could live on it.

• Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell the readers? Please don’t take offense to an antagonist whom I describe as a “popular” high school cheerleader or a “jock”. These are the terms that’s used in my books and there are good and bad in every type of student. I feel that some who read my books are popular students themselves, and will hold my descriptions against me. I write through my main characters eyes, not my own. So if my character insults another person, it is not how I view someone of that stature.

• When did you first consider yourself a writer? When I had my first short story published by a local Peoria magazine and got paid $50! It was my story entitled Pizza Night that featured a prank that went too far.