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As you may know, International Book Promotion focuses on video marketing to promote books and author Justin Bienvenue tells us all why book trailers should be one of your marketing tools.

Read about them here:

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6 Ways to Generate Book Trailer Views
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On a random thought, how many of you who are having great trailers, sharing them for promotions regularly? Acquiring book trailers and not using them wisely would only be a sheer waste of money.

New Review for Book Trailer Service

We are so proud to announce that we’ve tried a full swing of cinematic trailer without texts and voice overs for author Karen D. Rouillard’s project and it turned out to be amazing. Check out the review below and the link to watch the trailer can be found right below (hyperlinked with the word trailer).

Please send your feedback on the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

Working with the team at IBP made my experience with having my first trailer done for my book easy and so I had so much fun working with them. They understood what I was looking for and the end result is fantastic. I will definitely work with them Karen Doherty Rouillard

Book Trailers and Sales!


Book trailers have proven to be a good marketing idea and we have someone proving it here!

What Readers Look for when Buying a Book

What Readers Look for when Buying a Book.

via What Readers Look for when Buying a Book.

Who’s Killing The Students? Where Are The Teachers Gone Missing?

Who's Killing The Students? Where Are The Teachers Gone Missing?

We are so EXCITED to release the next book trailer for author Kelli Landon .We are welcoming everyone to join this book trailer release event and win exciting prizes and book giveaways!


Holly Jenson is a senior at Madison High School. She’s also a new student and nervous about fitting in. The senior class camping trip is coming up and with her new friend, Mindy, and her crush, Matt going, she hopes to have a good time. The school holds this camping trip every year to teach students about surviving without modern technology. Cell phones, computers, Ipods, and any other electronic devices are not allowed.

At first, Holly fears that the trip will be a disaster with the popular kids being forced to share their cabins and interact with ones who they’ve bullied. But, then things get worse when the phones stop working and people start to disappear one by one. Holly, along with Mindy and Matt, start to realize that a killer is among the group.

They have spooky campfire stories over roasted marshmallows and hiking trips when students start to disappear. Everyone is ordered to stay in their cabins by the teachers who look after them, but then they go missing too.

Holly, along with Matt and Mindy, hatch a plan to go along with the Saturday Night dance which was planned from the beginning, for the students to attend on their last night there. If they are all in the same place, they feel that the killer would be easy to catch. But, things don’t go as planned and Holly figures out who the killer is before it’s revealed. The other students doubt her, but could she be right? As they try to hang on to their last breath, they do their best to take the killer down. That is, if they live long enough.

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Instant Book Trailer for Only $30 >> IBP’s Trailer: Saving Forever by Lexi Timms

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IBP’s Official Trailer: Saving Forever by author Lexi Timms


Charity Thompson wants to save the world, one hospital at a time. Instead of finishing med school to become a doctor, she chooses a different path and raises money for hospitals — new wings, equipment, whatever they need. Except there is one hospital she would be happy to never set foot in again–her fathers. So of course he hires her to create a gala for his sixty-fifth birthday. Charity can’t say no. Now she is working in the one place she doesn’t want to be. Except she’s attracted to Dr. Elijah Bennet, the handsome playboy chief.
Will she ever prove to her father that’s she’s more than a med school dropout? Or will her attraction to Elijah keep her from repairing the one thing she desperately wants to fix?

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An Interview With Beverly Cialone, Author of The Medicine Man Series

Author of The Medicine Man series

Beverly Cialone, Author of The Medicine Man series


It’s a pleasure for IBP this week to release TWO book trailers for Author Beverly Cialone from #TheMedicineMan series. Both books hit the top #100 Amazon rank yesterday due to our book trailer release events happening right now on Facebook and G0ogle + ! We are so excited to host this event and it looks like everyone is having fun getting to know about her, the books and #NativeAmerican cultures as well. If you would like to know interesting facts about Cherokee heritage and their cultures, please visit the event today !

We also would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Celebrity Gerald Auger for his support towards Beverly. He is also a Native American.

Here are a few interesting answers we get from Beverly when we interviewed her last week!

  • Where are you from? South Carolina.  I have lived here my entire life.
  • Why do you write?  Writing is a drive, a passion.  It is something that I absolutely HAVE to do.
  • What do you write about?  I create people, places, and scenes based upon both reality and fantasy.  I write romance, erotica, and poetry.  I DO tend to draw upon some personal experiences in my writing.
  • Do you have a specific writing style?  No.  When I sit down to write, I just write.  I don’t follow any specific guidelines when it comes to writing.  I rarely, if ever, make outlines, and I am adamant when it comes to proper spelling and punctuation.
  • What are obstacles that come in the way of writing?  My day job, family obligations, and most definitely Facebook!
  • Whats the most memorable thing asked/said by a reader about your work?  I think that any time a reader reaches out to me with a question or comment, it’s memorable.
  • How long have you been writing?  I have been writing since I was nine.
  • When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?  In high school.
  • What is your work schedule like when you are writing?  The work schedule with my day job varies.  When I am working on a book, sometimes I will write steadily for hours on a daily or nightly basis.  Then again, sometimes I can go for weeks without writing.  I have to let ideas simmer in my head before I can finally sit down to write about them.
  • What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?  I absolutely HAVE to have music playing (I listen to headphones), and I must have a glass of cold sweet tea beside me, as well as my cigarettes and an ashtray.
  • How long does it take to write a book? (if you’ve written one -published or non)  It depends on what I’m writing and where I want the story to go.
  • Do you have suggestions on how to become a better writer?  Write. Write about whatever interests you.  Pay attention to people, places, and things.  For example, when you travel to the beach, pay attention to the sound of the waves rolling in.  Feel the sand beneath your feet.  Feel the sun on your body as you sunbathe.  If it’s rainy, pay attention to the smell of the rain.  Listen to the thunder.  Watch the lightning.  All of these things can be put into a book.  It’s also important to do research, whether you’re writing about something you know or something that is completely new to you.  If YOU don’t know what you’re writing about, the readers will know, and you won’t be viewed as “legitimate.”  That is a death sentence for any writer.
  • What challenges do you come across when writing/creating your story?  Coming up with creative names is one.  Creating an interesting plot is also a challenge.  You never want your work to be viewed as boring or cliché.  If you feel that your work is bad, or if something just doesn’t feel right, it’s perfectly fine to toss it and start over, or save that particular part until you feel you can make it better.  Creating interesting dialogue is also difficult at times.
  • What do you think makes a good story?  A good story must always include conflict and resolution, the classic beginning, middle, and end.  The reader must always feel drawn in by the story, so the writer has to make it interesting.  A great story can be told by using simple words and proper spelling and grammar.  If you feel that filling a book with long, hard to spell, hard to pronounce fancy words is going to make a great story, then you’re doing yourself and your readers an injustice.  Some of the best stories out there were written in a simplistic manner.
  • What does your family think of your writing?  My family is thrilled and supportive of my writing.
  • Do you see writing as a career?  At the moment, I consider my writing as something I just “do.”  When I get to a point where I am able to stay at home and indulge my passion of writing all day and be able to make a living at it, that’s when I will consider it a career.
  • Do you have anything specific you’d like to tell the readers?  Writers write to satisfy their own needs, but we also want our readers to like and enjoy what we have written.  It does us no good to write something if we are going to be the only ones reading it.  And yes, we love to be contacted by our readers, and we love getting reviews.  Even the bad reviews are helpful in that they show us where we need to improve as writers.
  • When did you first consider yourself a writer?  When I realized it was something I could never give up.

Check out her websites and links to her work here:

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On Being a Small Press Author – Beverly Cialone

An interview with author Beverly Cialone published by Central Avenue Publication

Central Avenue Publishing

Running a small press is just like running a business with a group of employees – well almost. I don’t actually get to see them every day and we can’t gather around the water cooler to chat. Since we all see each other only virtually, I thought it might be nice to ‘introduce’ our authors to both each other and their readers via a series of short interviews. These interviews will run every couple of days for the next month or so – it’s a neat way of finding out how similar authors can be, and yet so different.

Today, let’s get to know Beverly Cialone. She’s a master of romance and one of our original authors. Now, all her books are published under our Everheart Books imprint. I have had the pleasure of working with Beverly for over three years and she’s a prolific writer who keeps me…

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It’s a drive, a need. I literally either have to create something or go insane.

It’s a drive, a need. I literally either have to create something or go insane.

That’s what Author Beverly Cialone said when we asked her what motivates her to write! Can you relate to her answer? Check out the other responses from her when we post the author interview soon!

The #booktrailer release event is starting TOMORROW for #TheMedicineMan series by author #BeverlyCialone . These two books (Medicine Man 1 & 2) have a different book trailer each and these trailers will be revealed tomorrow!

If you are keen to explore #NativeAmerican cultures, check these events out and join the fun!!

Event of Google +

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Book Trailers Release Event For A Sweet Native American Love Story!



IBP is very pleased to release the book trailers for The Medicine Man 1 and The Medicine Man 2 in The Medicine Man series by author Beverly Cialone. You can check her out via her author page Imaginary Author Beverly Cialone

The two trailers we made for author Beverly Cialoneare very different from the others as we have incorporated Native American musics for the trailers. These books have a very heavy Native American influence. 

Join this book trailer release event to learn more about these books, stand a chance to win the giveaways and enjoy other fun-filled activities throughout the book trailer release event.


The Medicine Man 1

Meet Ashwin, a full-blooded Cherokee doctor and Shaman who becomes involved with Kasey, the office manager of the posh, ocean-front resort and condominium complex where they both live. They develop a fast, close bond, and Kasey is devastated when she learns that he must go out of town for two weeks. She tries to remain stoic for the sake of their budding relationship, but a tragic turn of events forces Ashwin to return early from his trip in order to be by her side. Once his jealous ex-fiance enters the picture, things only become more challenging as Ashwin fights to save his beloved Kasey, as well as to prevent his ex-fiance from doing even more damage, both to herself and the people he loves.

Amazon link for Book 1:

The Medicine Man 2

As Kasey’s health, life, and her relationship with Ashwin hang precariously in the balance, he must contend with his jealous ex-fiance, Silver Moon. As her jealousy increases to frightening and dangerous levels, Ashwin must find a way to deal with her, as well as figure out how to pull his beloved Kasey from the devastating grip of the tragedy that has befallen her. Will Silver Moon’s heinous actions put an end to Ashwin’s and Kasey’s budding relationship, or will true love prevail?

Amazon link for Book 2:

The books are also available on Barnes & Noble and Smashwords