FREE Publicity

Free Publicity

As an author in today’s writing world, you probably would have realized that supporting other authors and bloggers is extremely crucial in getting help in return. What you give is what you get in return. As a book promotion company, we don’t just promote books. We promote authors at the same time and we’d love to see you connecting with fellow authors in promoting your work.

You can now enjoy the privilege of getting FREE publicity by engaging with our promotional services.

Check out the Current Event(s) to participate !

IBP’s Website Launch Party – Join & win some exciting promotional services.


What happens when you show some love to other authors? You will get more exposure. More readers from the genre you write will get to know you! Isn’t that cool?


We run social media events for author-clients where we could use your help in making events successful. You can take part in events and get more exposure by donating e-books, posting your teasers and anything related to the e-book you are donating. All these would help in expanding your readership and network. We only encourage you to donate e-books to events that promote books in the genre your write. If you’d like to be notified when we run events related to the genre(s) you write, send your submissions using the form below.


We usually run events on Facebook and on Google + occasionally.


You can invite your own readers to the event to win the e-book you donate. Winners will be chosen based on the number of times they share the events on their personal page. Other criteria will also be considered while picking out winners.


We’ll be listing out the events we run on social media here. Do not forget to follow us via email to get the latest updates.

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  4. How do I share my story (about me as an author) with you guys?


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