IBP’s Book Trailer: Life Experience of A Black Man by Joseph Pierre

International Book Promotion is launching the cinematic book trailer for Author Joseph Pierre’s book, “Life Experience of A Black Man by Joseph Pierre” on Facebook and Google + 

If you’d like to feature your books on this event, contact us via this page or reply to this email.

International Book Promotion is honoured to introduce another author who has published a non-fiction book in the year 2014. Life Experience of a Self-Respecting Black Man by Joseph Pierre will enlighten you with a man’s life story that brings you to walk a different path of life. We are releasing the cinematic book trailer for this book in April.

We will host a series of fun-filled activities and guest authors will also be participating in this event. Invite your friends who to this event and stand a chance to win exciting prices!

Joseph Pierre believes racism is being misinterpreted in America. Those whites who had suffered emotionally and psychologically to say no to slavery, segregation , racism, must be recognized and echoed in America. Those whites who had been humiliated, brutalized, and killed due to injustices to blacks must be known to our communities. Being in poverty is not an excuse to get involved in illegal activities. But it is a motivation to become a successful man or a woman in life. Regardless of my deplorable poverty condition, my dignity is first.

The book is now available on Amazon and other online stores.


“The United States of America, the land of young J Pierre’s dreams. A country he believed that would change his life entirely; a place where he could rejoice forever. Packed with high hopes and loaded with ambition and optimism, he migrated to this place he considers Paradise. However, not too long after he sets foot in this country, he was forced to face reality and deal with the unexpected. J Pierre narrates his story of the challenges he has encountered in this foreign land; the bouts he has with law enforcers, and the people who deemed to torment him because of the mere color of his skin. As he was confronted with these issues, J Pierre proves that nothing can change his principles and ideals; that an understanding of the human nature can help make things better. As he recounts his real life experiences in this country, J Pierre will make you see what he has come to understand about people, regardless of the color of our skin, and how such misconceptions can be resolved.”

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you around in this event.
Best regards,
Founder of IBP

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