Elven Jewel by Kasper Beaumont

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Elven Jewel (Hunters of Reloria)

This is my first fantasy read, so it’s hard for me to get into this type of theme. Frankly, this is not my “thing”, so to speak. However, the world that Beaumont has created knocked my socks off! I find fantasy to be very challenging if one should write such genre. Hard to keep track of characters, worlds, events, etc. I had some difficulty with the characters, because the names were similar. Randir, Fandri, Fendi, Baja, Raja, and the fairies had the same names, but with “la” after them. The “la” actually helped me, because I knew it was a fairy with that suffix added. I will say, however, that I was able to keep track of the events that unfolded and I absolutely loved the characters of Sienna and Asher, as well as the trolls (their dialogue was quite enjoyable). I was also able…

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On Tour! MP Author Kelli Sue Landon (August Tour)

Kelli Sue Landon is on tour from 25th to 29th August

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Trailer for The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec


Bene lumen chronicles: SAMHAIN SCHOOL OF ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE /wife of an author's blog

Directed by Luc Besson. Just saw this last night via netflix. It is in French, and deal with the subtitles because this is just fun and funny. Mummies that come back to life with humor and dare I say even some tenderness. Total Fantasy, comic-book like movie. Loved Adele!!!

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Orgasmic Evening, Sexy Sunday #13

From author Annie Edmond’s blog and I complete agree with her!

SEX w/ Annie

couples after sex content

Remember when we all saw Meg Ryan fake an orgasm? The way she did it says to me that she must have had a real Orgasm at one time or another.

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Annie Edmonds in Siesta Key, “Why I Write”

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The Ointment – A Story For Easter

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Horror Post


This story I wrote inspired a book. It tells of an intelligent demon’s account of The Crucifixion

Yes, it is I—Eco, the son of a fallen angel and a human mother. Eco, the demon spawn who lives his eternal existence glorying in his damnation. Eco, who was sent by Satan to see him whose birth was prophesized.

But the babe was just a babe and nothing more. Truly, I was not particularly impressed I have to say, not at first. It was as a man that I was struck by him: by his voice and what he said. “Pray for those that persecute you!”Could he mean it I thought. How could he say such a thing? The very logic of it was illogical, was it not?I was thinking this when he looked at me. His eyes, seeming to go through me, piercing into my flesh in a way no being…

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