IBP’s Trailer: Destiny’s Decision by Author Lisa Glenn

IBP’s Official book trailer for author Lisa Glenn’s book; Destiny’s Decision


Destiny is a single mother looking for a better life for herself and her teenage daughter. When she wins the lottery, Destiny believes her life will change for the better. How wrong she is! Getting kidnapped and fighting a category 4 hurricane is just some of the adventures you will read about in this inspirational love story.

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10 thoughts on “IBP’s Trailer: Destiny’s Decision by Author Lisa Glenn

  1. Some notes on the “Destiny’s Decision” book trailer and also my assumptions about the book, Jassie, since you asked:
    1) Spelling and grammar mistakes: such as “dropout” and “beachside,” which are each one word, not to be separated as two words, do not help it at all. There are SEVEN mistakes in the paragraph about their being in trouble and getting rescued. 7. I am not kidding. On and on.
    2) Characterization problems: This character didn’t finish high school AND works in a strip club but “the only problem is that she hates it”? Really?
    3) I cringed when I read that, and then was appalled to read further that this character “is wanting to set a better example for her teenage daughter.” Isn’t it way too late for that?
    4) Logic problems: Doesn’t Destiny’s having won the lottery signify that her luck has already changed “for the better”? What is she waiting for after that? Seems absurd.
    5) Music problems: The music is much too demonic/ominous for set-up for this the genre/story line; inappropriate and over-the-top. If they want to use it for the “bad part,” I guess that’s all right, but not for the entire trailer. Just does not work and is very CHEESY.
    6) Fact check: Lottery winners do not get “the cash.” They can opt for a lump sum, which comes as a check to be deposited but is NOT the total because it has many more dollars removed for taxes, or they can opt for annual checks which are a lot smaller, spread out over many years/decades. There is not a pile of cash to be stolen, although I suppose someone nefarious could try to force her to empty her bank account into the thief’s truck… Highly unlikely.
    7) Plot problems: Kidnapping for ransom, a hurricane, and violence kind of go with the music: over the top.
    8) More plot problems: what could Destiny’s “decision” possibly be? She’s a victim of her own poor choices and then bad luck. What can she “decide” after she and her daughter have been kidnapped and how could that “decision” be the center of this story?
    9) “The end will amaze you!” Awful tag line and absurd promise, especially given how nothing else has, so far.
    10) Aside from adding another character, what does her daughter have to do with this story, really?
    11) Most of the visuals do not go with the text of this trailer well at all and seem randomly inserted.

    Grade: D-



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