Author Branding Tips #1: No Engagement is Better Than Fake Engagement

No Engagement is Better Than Fake Engagement

I recently came across authors who probably felt that it is okay to tag their friends in social media every single day in the posts they publish, drop snippets of their book and links to their Amazon site as comments under their friends non-book related posts, and comment in an unengaging way with their friends probably with the hope that it enhances their author branding.

Guess what? It is not going to help people notice you. I think, in order to stop getting overwhelmed with the needs to comment excessively, one should narrow down their focus, and try engaging with people whose posts you genuinely like.

It is also a part of your journey in creating your very own tribe of readers.

What is your thoughts on this?


No Readers? Here’s a Simple Way to go from 0 to Hero

How to gain organic followers?

How to gain organic followers?

This post is gold! Cristian Mihai wrote a very soulful post on how to gain your followers or readers when you blog. Now, I believe this applies not just for bloggers but also authors.

Now, let me share with you how being authentic helped to just forget about stressing if I’ll attract readers for my blog, because I know for a fact that what I wrote there would definitely interest readers who are keen to learn about social issues.

Being authentic had helped to me to grow my audience, and even had an author sending her book to me as a gift. This is also how I plan to promote my new book.

I’m still in the planning phase of my new book, but I’ve roped in my audience, asking them what social issues pertaining to women that they want me to discuss in my new book.

I’ve had readers saying Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage, and human rights as some of the issues to be incorporated into the book.

Tentative cover idea of my new book

Just so you don’t know, this book is going to be highlighting issues that are common to women across the world. For instance, rape happens in a different context and intensity in different countries. Spiking drinks and raping women when they are drunk happens in the Western part of the world. Whereas, marital rapes are more prevalent in the East.

Do you have an idea that would fit my book? Please, please drop me an email to jassie987 at and follow my blog at thoughtsandviewsthatmatter

It creates an interest even before the book is released. Genuine interest because you’re being authentic.

Read what Cristian has got to say here in his post



Indie Author Marketing Still Sucks…Pt 1.

This post is GOLD! It explains everything that you NEED to look into if you’re looking at selling more than 250 copies of books!

Email marketing is one of the things that authors really have to use because that would only mean you are engaging with your audience and readers on a regular basis.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Authors

Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Authors

Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Authors

Do you know that Pinterest is one of the tools you might want to add to your marketing strategy as an author of you’re an author, trying to gain some traction.

I’ve seen many business blogs gaining traffic to their website merely by being active on Pinterest.

However, Pinterest is not a social media platform where you connect with your fans. You’re most likely to gain followers if you post tips and collections of useful information pertaining to your subject matter.

With that being said, you can also find other public boards related to writing and contribute to the boards by pinning interesting news from your blog posts.

I’m still learning how to optimize Pinterest for marketing but I thought this post of worth your time.

Will Writers Lose Their Jobs To Robots?

The Robots Are Coming by Andrés Oppenheimer

The Robots Are Coming by Andrés Oppenheimer

I have an app called Blinkist that I’ve downloaded on my phone. Blinkist is basically an app that offers you the essence of many non-fiction books. It’s a paid app and you need to pay too read most of the book summary.

You can click on the image above and it will take you to Blinkist, if you’d like to read “The Robots Are Coming” by Andrés Oppenheimer.

Well, there’s one thing about Blinkist that I have not told you yet. It offers you one free quick read everyday. Today, “The Robots Are Coming” was on my free reading list.

So, the book ideally discusses about who will lose jobs in the future and to what extent the loss would be. As I reach the end of the book summary, interestingly I noticed that those in the creative and entertainment industry are less likely to lose their jobs. This means that writers, like us, would be more needed than ever in the future.

I think that this is something I anticipated because think about a drama screen play. How can it ever be produced by machines when everything in it requires the human touch?

The other good thing that probably could arise due to automation, as mentioned in the summary, is the growth of culture.

Think about people who are so enthusiastic about producing documentaries. By having the mundane tasks being fulfilled by robots, they can now fully focus on exploring more exciting topics to be covered for us the audience.

Would this also mean that we would then have more time to pause, look around and learn to be more compassionate with one another?

I think it’s going to be a great time ahead.

Share your thoughts with me below as I’d love to understand your opinion on this too.



Author Video Splice Up Challenge: June and July Titles

We’re a #video enthusiast and our mission is to make you feel comfortable getting uncomfortable. And that means we’re encouraging you to embrace your fears to face the camera. We came up with this fun filled idea to splice-up short videos of #authors answering questions briefly and posting it up on #YouTube every week.

Video for June Week 1

Record yourself answering the question within 10 seconds and send it to with your name, website and the entry title.

Week 1: What’s Your Greatest Writing Challenge?
Week 2. Writing Schedule: Has It Worked for You?
Week 3. What Time of The Day Do You Write?
Week 4. What’s Your Best Writing Buddy (ex: coffee, cat, music, etc)?

Week 1: How Do You Overcome Writer’s Block?
Week 2: Name Your All Time Favourite Book
Week 3: The Best Film Adaptation of Books
Week 4: Coffee of Tea?

Taking submissions from 12 authors only every week. You can participate every week if you want to, as that would create a consistent branding impact. #authorvideospliceupchallenge

International Book Fair List for 2019

International Book Fair List for 2019
Photo by Pixabay on

Here’s the list to the International Book Fair list for the year 2019

Author Video Splice Up Challenge

Author Video Splice Up Challenge!⠀⠀June week 1: What's your greatest writing challenge? ⠀⠀Record yourself answering this question within 10 seconds and send it to with your name and website by 1st June.⠀⠀Taking submissions from 12 authors only.

Author splice up video

We’re a video enthusiast and our mission is to make you feel comfortable getting uncomfortable. And that means we’re encouraging you to embrace your fears to face the camera.

We came up with this fun-filled idea to splice-up short videos of authors answering questions briefly and posting it up on YouTube every week.

Author Video Splice Up Challenge is kick-starting this June! And I’ll be joining in the fun too!

June week 1: What’s your greatest writing challenge? ⠀

Record yourself answering this question within 10 seconds and send it to with your name and website by 1st June.⠀

Taking submissions from 12 authors only.



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#Sundaystories Author Book Signing Events

What do you think about having a book signing event or hosting one for fellow authors?

My recent experience was the book signing event for “The Sin of a Fresh Graduate”. It was an event hosted by a residential community together with my former university faculty. We had a great experience preparing for the event and the fact that we collaborated with various community groups enabled us to leverage the marketing power of a university to reach a wider group of academian. We sold close to 200 books now within 3 weeks and we’re looking at printing the second edition.

Share your experiences with us and let us know what you think about book signing events.

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