Easter Special Promo for Author Live Interview

#authorbranding is crucial to your entire career! How do you communicate your message with your potential readers? How do you convince them to buy your book? Wait, forget about sales for a moment, can we?

How do you authentically communicate the key #takeaway message your readers could get from your book? Our way of doing it is by leveraging the power of #videomarketing !

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How to Claim Your Free Book Teaser Trailer

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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jasveena, the founder of International Book Promotion. I founded IBP to help authors in author branding and to help them embrace authorpreneurship. As a reader, I often find that authors are not interactive on social media and this prompted me to initiate an effort to bridge the gap between authors and readers.

For this purpose, we use video marketing as videos add a personal touch to anything we would like to talk about. With that on mind, we host live author interview sessions with authors and readers, video trailers and book video reviews, all at a fraction of price authors pay for premium marketing packages.

My goal is always to expose authors to new book market, and our goal for the year 2019 is to provide affordable print-on-demand publishing options for authors at countries where Amazon isn’t the predominant bookstore.

We also host Group Author Interviews every month, offer free publicity for authors when there are events we host. We also accept author guest posts.

Although we focus on video marketing, we also offer book publishing services like editing, formatting and beta reading services, and we love written reviews and book tours. For this purpose, we’d always leverage the expertise of existing service providers. We either avail their services or partner with them to offer a book promo package. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for book publicists, book bloggers, BookTubers and reviewers.

This May, we’re in need of more #religious #spirituality authors. Sign up here to participate. Author Interview Sign Up Form

A book I co-authored, entitled ‘The Sin of A Fresh Graduate’ would be published in May. I’m also a blogger at thoughtsandviewsthatmatter.blogspot.com where I write on social issues.

Open for Submission: Human Relations Indie Book Award

Human Relations Indie Book Award

The Human Relations Indie Book Award is now accepting book submissions for the year 2019.

The purpose of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards is to recognize indie authors who have written books with a human relations focus related to various interactions among people in different settings such as work, organizations, school, home, family or in personal lives. This is the fourth year of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards.  We had a diverse group of indie authors for the previous years’ awards that ranged from professional perspectives to indie author’s personal journeys of self-reflection and human relationships. Book entries for the 2019 Human Relations Indie Book Awards should be published between 2012 and 2019 and must be received in print version (no ebooks accepted) and written for an English speaking audience. Books can be self-published, independently published or have a creative or scholarly writing approach from smaller publishing companies or presses where the author had a voice in the publishing process.

2019 Human Relations Indie Book Awards final deadline for entry is May 1st, 2019- but earlier entries are encouraged to allow more time for judging the book entries. Winners will be announced in June 2019 when judging is completed.

For more info, or to enter the contest, please visit 2019 Human Relations Indie Book Awards

The 6 book trailers that IBP made for the winners of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards in 2016 are as follow:

Fighting for Freedom in America: Memoir of a “Schizophrenia” and Mainstream Cultural Delusion

How to Advocate Successfully for Your Child by Greer M. Gurland

Awaken Your Greater Health: How Energy Medicine Opens the Way To Healing by Heidi DuPree RN CTN

Emma’s Dilemma by Molly McCluskey-Shipman
Beside the Music by BJ Knapp

Women’s Day Offer: 80% Discounted Book Trailer

Video-Marketing for Books Gets Easier With IBP

Book Trailer Offer

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Video advertisements have proven to be an effective way to provide visual appeal to viewers. With YouTube being the world’s third popular site, you could be missing out a lot if you don’t choose video marketing for your books.

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We look forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards,
Founder of International Book Promotion

Offer for NaNoWriMo 2018 Winners

If you are visiting this page, the chances are high that you are a NaNoWriMo 2018 winner! Congratulations on completing the first draft of your book. Writing is easy. However, marketing is hard.

If you are a NaNoWriMo 2018 participant, we have something BIG to offer you!

We are offering special discount on editing service for all NaNoWriMo participants and winners. Edit your book (50K words) for only $300. If your word count is higher than 50,000 words, get in touch with us for an ideal quote. Contact us here for further information.

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Throughout 2019, book covers will only cost you $45 instead of $70 each.
We can edit the pre-made covers to suit your needs if your concept doesn’t require the purchase of new stock images. ALL covers come with spine and back cover design.

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Self-Publishing Package: $2500
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3) Book cover design
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6) Book video review by booktubers
7) Book launching event on Facebook
8) Book online advertisement on one preferred target location
9) Author live chat session with fans
10) ISBN setup
11) Print-on-demand publishing arrangements
12) Monthly author spot featuring your book on our social media
13) IBP author and fan support group access

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You should be a registered NaNo participant for 2018 to be eligible for the promo. Send us the link to your NaNo profile when you contact us to purchase these services.

List of Author Events in the USA

Hello authors and readers,

We thought you’d like to check out this website that has a comprehensive list of author events happening in the USA.

Do let us know if you need help with goodie bags and gifts. We will be happy to assist you!

Human Relations Indie Book Awards


Human Relations Indie Book Awards

The Human Relations Indie Book Awards is organized by Susan Louise Peterson. She had contacted International Book Promotion (IBP) to seek sponsorship opportunities. We are sponsoring 7 book trailers for the Director’s Choice winners.

The purpose of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards is to recognize indie authors who have written books with a human relations focus related to various interactions among people in different settings such as work, organizations, school, home, family or in personal lives. For further information, visit Human Relations Indie Book Awards and join the contest to win a #cinematic #booktrailer from IBP ! Human Relations Indie Book Awards http://buff.ly/2bKWgAx !