Author Video Splice Up Challenge: June and July Titles

We’re a #video enthusiast and our mission is to make you feel comfortable getting uncomfortable. And that means we’re encouraging you to embrace your fears to face the camera. We came up with this fun filled idea to splice-up short videos of #authors answering questions briefly and posting it up on #YouTube every week.

Video for June Week 1

Record yourself answering the question within 10 seconds and send it to with your name, website and the entry title.

Week 1: What’s Your Greatest Writing Challenge?
Week 2. Writing Schedule: Has It Worked for You?
Week 3. What Time of The Day Do You Write?
Week 4. What’s Your Best Writing Buddy (ex: coffee, cat, music, etc)?

Week 1: How Do You Overcome Writer’s Block?
Week 2: Name Your All Time Favourite Book
Week 3: The Best Film Adaptation of Books
Week 4: Coffee of Tea?

Taking submissions from 12 authors only every week. You can participate every week if you want to, as that would create a consistent branding impact. #authorvideospliceupchallenge


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