Will Writers Lose Their Jobs To Robots?

The Robots Are Coming by Andrés Oppenheimer

The Robots Are Coming by Andrés Oppenheimer

I have an app called Blinkist that I’ve downloaded on my phone. Blinkist is basically an app that offers you the essence of many non-fiction books. It’s a paid app and you need to pay too read most of the book summary.

You can click on the image above and it will take you to Blinkist, if you’d like to read “The Robots Are Coming” by Andrés Oppenheimer.

Well, there’s one thing about Blinkist that I have not told you yet. It offers you one free quick read everyday. Today, “The Robots Are Coming” was on my free reading list.

So, the book ideally discusses about who will lose jobs in the future and to what extent the loss would be. As I reach the end of the book summary, interestingly I noticed that those in the creative and entertainment industry are less likely to lose their jobs. This means that writers, like us, would be more needed than ever in the future.

I think that this is something I anticipated because think about a drama screen play. How can it ever be produced by machines when everything in it requires the human touch?

The other good thing that probably could arise due to automation, as mentioned in the summary, is the growth of culture.

Think about people who are so enthusiastic about producing documentaries. By having the mundane tasks being fulfilled by robots, they can now fully focus on exploring more exciting topics to be covered for us the audience.

Would this also mean that we would then have more time to pause, look around and learn to be more compassionate with one another?

I think it’s going to be a great time ahead.

Share your thoughts with me below as I’d love to understand your opinion on this too.




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