Jenny Hayworth: Then A Victim of Sexual Abuse and Religious Cult; Now A Survivor!

Jenny Hayworth: Then A Victim of Sexual Abuse and Religious Cult; Now A Survivor!

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It’s our honour to showcase author Jenny Hayworth’s book this time. Jenny’s life has taken a rough path where she has been struggling to get out of the terrible emotional trauma due to sexual abuse and religious fundamentalism. She has been living a life ”inside” her imagination before she was able to finally express her feelings and face the world ”outside”. Hayworth has survived sexual abuse and religious obligations over the years. Now she is sharing her very own experience being a survivor and sending very important messages to everyone facing similar situations out there that there is life out there waiting to be embraced! Read her interview below:

Where do you live?

I currently live in Queensland, Australia. I was born in England, and emigrated when aged 2 years old to Australia under £10 scheme with my parents. At the age of 9 years my family moved to New…

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