Larae Parry: April Author Interview Participant #7

LaRae’s Short Bio

I was born with a loose screw. No kidding, I was. It has gotten me into trouble and out of trouble, so I can’t complain about being a little daft.

I was also born with an umbilical urge to write, or to tell stories I made up on the spot. That got me into a lot of trouble, and out of trouble, so, I can’t complain. 🙂

In 1991, I became a VERY famous artist. (wink, wink). I drew, painted, and wrote painting instructions for a publisher. I had 13 painting books published-which is weird, because I never considered myself an artist. I was a faux artist, I guess.

In 2005, a simple medical procedure went terribly wrong and landed me in the ICU on life-support because of respiratory and multiple organ failure. Even though I beat the odds and survived, the doctor told me that my brain had crashed and and needed to be rebooted.

The good news was I had a brain. The bad news was it wasn’t working. I had to relearn how to stand, walk, go upstairs, comb my hair, etc. Forget about reading.

In 2010, I learned how to read and write again. I never did get my faux artistic skills back, but that’s okay. I didn’t have them to begin with. 😉

So now I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do . . . write. Tell stories, make-up stories and enjoy the little fantasy world I have always loved. My stories will take you on some crazy journeys if you’d like to go.

My Comedy/Romance/Paranormal, The Danish Pastry, is the result of my learning to read and write again therapy. I still struggle with reading, but being able to write is a lot easier . . . weird, huh? What can I say? I’m weird . . . in a good way though.

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10 thoughts on “Larae Parry: April Author Interview Participant #7

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  2. You are the funniest weird lady I have ever “met”. Keep on writing, girlfriend … the world needs to benefit from your humor!


  3. […] Being a Jersey girl doesn’t mean we have rich husbands and play dress up all day. We are not all “Real housewives of NJ.” We do have a certain attitude and most of the time we don’t take any crap. My husband loves that about me. In fact he loves everything about me. I got lucky the second time around as I did get my second chance at life and love. Just like Sammy did. I like a happy ending. I like it when I’m finished reading a book and I smile because it all worked out in the end.    Second Chances Sammy’s story is that book. It has the sex, the drama, the suspense and even more kinky sex. It’s my first and believe me I did the best I could at the time. If you see a few spelling or grammar errors just read over them. I had it re-edited and that’s what I got back. You get what you pay for.    Master Mikes story is next. Hoping to have it finished by Summer. When I asked my readers what character they wanted me to write about next all of them said, Master Mike Sloan.  And I promise this book will be done the right way the first time around. The story is amazing. I love where it’s going and I hope you will too. So read the first because I made sure most of the crew of characters are in both books. 7) author #7: Larae Parry […]


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