April Author Interview Answer #3 “Who is more powerful in your story? The hero or heroine?”

It’s time to reveal the answers for the next question from all SEVEN Romance & Erotica authors. Yesterday, we revealed the answers for Question #2 “Do you have a specific goal to achieve through your stories or is your story just for pure fun? For those of you reading this post and not knowing what’s going on, we interviewed Romance and Erotica authors last month. You can click on the authors’ names below to learn about them more.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all seven authors who took part in this author interview!

This month, we are interviewing Young Adult authors and if you have any questions for them, please send in your question via this link. It will take less than 5 minutes. I promise! 🙂 

Here is the answer to the THIRD question: “Who is more powerful in your story? The hero or heroine?”

1) Author #1 Anne Conley

It depends on which story you read, honestly.  It could be either one, or both. 

2) Author #2: Marie Lavender

A lot of the time, the hero is powerful. But, I don’t want my female characters to be powerless either.  I always try to make them strong and capable in a lot of different ways.

3) Author #3: Emily Eck

I see power as being something that is easily corrupted. Neither character in my series has power, per se. Their love for one another is powerful, and their actions are often driven by this love. The heroine is quite strong willed. There are lines I’ve read in books that stick in my head. I’ll save you and not quote Twilight, but there are a handful of lines from those books that were so powerful they are burned into my brain. There is one line I wrote about my heroine that stands out to me, and makes me pat my own back. Chaos is happening and the heroine takes charge. The man who is supposed to be in charge says to the hero of our story, “You need to handle your woman.” He isn’t happy that a woman is taking charge of the situation. The hero’s response to him is “You don’t handle Elle. Elle handles you.” Elle is our heroine, of course. Her strength is what draws J, our hero, to her.

J is a strong man, who can be aggressive when the situation calls for it. His love for Elle is more powerful than any single person in the book, though. It brings him to his knees various times throughout the story. 

4) Author #4: AJ Summer

Both. You have to have a strong hero, but I don’t believe in helpless heroines either. They have to compliment each other.

5) Author #5: Lucien Bane

 I would definitely say Tara. She had me by the balls the moment I met her.

6) Author #6: Annie Edmonds

This is tricky. Because my stories seem to start out with the Hero as the strong and powerful. Then somewhere they lose a little footing as they try and figure out how to make things right again. Ultimately in the end good always wins over evil. And the love shines through.

Now the heroine’s in my books are evil and especially in the book I’m writing now. Master Mike’s story has a guy named Tyler Bishop. He’s a spoiled rotten evil man. Tyler can’t handle women with strong personalities. He gets off on breaking them down. 

7) author #7: Larae Parry

Will I get in trouble if I say “both?” The Danish princess is powerful, but so is the Dax, the playboy.

Question #4 is If you write sex scenes, do you write it because you feel it is important to the story, or because you think you need one to sell the book?”

What do you think these authors’s will be? Watch out for the next post !

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