May Author Interview Answer #3: How long do you take to write a book?

Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for the 3rd question for May Author Interview featuring 13 Young Adult authors. Answers for question #2 can be found here.
Just in case if you are wondering who we are interviewing this month, you can check out this link and get all your Crime Fiction/Horror/Mystery writers to participate in the next group interview.
So, the third question is “How long do you take to write a book?” and let’s check out what our authors have to say!
1) Author #1 : Delshree Gladeen
It really depends on the book. My first book took me ten years of writing and rewriting before it was ready. That’s partly because I wrote the first draft when I was sixteen and did complete rewrites of the entire book three times in between getting married, having two kids, and college. Normally, it takes me between 2-6 months to finish a first draft. Editing sometimes takes much longer.
2) Author #2: N.W. Harris
Hard to say. I’m usually working on multiple projects at once. Actual writing time on The Last Orphans was probably six months, though the project took over a year to complete. I usually pump out a rough draft in eight to ten weeks. When I’m working on a rough draft, I don’t stop or look back, I just cling to the fundamental elements of the story I’ve devised in my outline and barrel through to the end. Then I have to do a lot of work to fix it when I revise, and that can take some time. Thank God for editors and beta readers!
3) Author #3: K.C. Finn
It usually takes me around 2 months to write a book, but some of my novels have come about much faster than that. The Mind’s Eye took 38 days, The Secret Star was 26 days and my fastest to date was The Book Of Shade which only took 15 days to pen its 78,000 words. It depends on how swept up and obsessed you get with the idea.
4) Author #4: M.J Cunningham
I have written quite a few. This version of The Eye of Tanub is probably the 4th or 5th version, so honestly, it took about five years!
5) Author #5: Chrystal Vaughan
It took me about a year to write Dead in the Water, my second book. That doesn’t include editing, publishing, or marketing.
6) Author #6: Jessica Tornese
I wrote Linked Through Time out in about 3 months, but I edited it and revised some sections over a few more months- I have three kids and I work, so it was hard to find the time to dedicate solely to writing. Lost Through Time took a little longer to develop, and Destroyed Through Time took almost a year because I kept changing my mind about the plot.
7) Author #7: Amanda Strong
I wrote my first ‘rough’ draft in four months.  I then spent the next year and a half learning I had a lot to learn 😉  Needless to say, my 150,000 word story needed a little trimming.  Once I got my novel around 98,000 words I decided I was done cutting my left arm off (that’s how it felt!).
8) Author #8: Erica Keifer
I have enjoyed pulling thoughts and experiences from my life and mixing it in with these characters. It’s been fun to explore parts of myself with aspects of the story, and think a lot about my childhood and past relationships. I also love hearing feedback and how my writing caused someone to feel the emotion I was going for. As a mother with very young kids, the most difficult part is balancing motherhood and setting aside time to write.
9) Author #9: Kelly Risser
Lingering Echoes took just over a year to complete. I ended up cutting out a lot of scenes because little did I know that it was too long-winded for a YA novel and I had a lot of unnecessary scenes. Over the next couple years of trying to get published, I continued to cut out scenes or add a little here and there to improve the writing. The process of finding a publisher took over three years!
10) Author #10: Lauren Taylor

I written four books now and each has taken me between 2-3months to finish the first draft.

11) Author #11: Sherry D. Ficklin
Anywhere from 30 days to 3 months. Most on the longer end.
12) Author #12: Sheenah Freitas

My first book in my series took me about five years, but that’s mostly because I was also balancing high school life and trying to figure out my writing style and techniques. The second book only took a year. The third book that I’m currently working is taking longer; I’m entering the second year now. So it sort of varies depending on the project.

13) Author #13: Michael Thal

I’ve written four books. The Abduction of Joshua Bloom was started back in 1977. At the time, I was a full time teacher, working on my writing habit as a hobby. However, late in the 90’s I awoke one morning deafened. Doctors said my hearing loss was due to a virus. When the virus returned six years later, it left my good ear deaf. I took disability and turned my hobby into a profession. The first book I wrote as a professional writer was Goodbye Tchaikovsky, the story of a teen violin prodigy who lost his hearing. That book took a year to write. After it was published, I worked on a few other projects, then dusted off The Abduction of Joshua Bloom, and rewrote it.

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