May Author Interview Answer #7: What Would Your Characters Say If They Speak For Themselves?

Hello everyone! It’s time to reveal the answers for the 7th question for May Author Interview featuring 13 Young Adult authors. Answers for question #6 can be found here.
Just in case if you are wondering who we are interviewing this month, you can check out this link and get all your Crime Fiction/Horror/Mystery writers to participate in the next group interview.
So, the 7th question is “If you gave one of your characters an opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say?
1) Author #1 : Delshree Gladeen
I think the character who most wants to say something would be Ketchup, which isn’t surprising for those who know him. His message to everyone would be, “If someone promises you unlimited power, think twice before assuming they’re out to benefit anyone except themselves.” 
2) Author #2: N.W. Harris
They’d probably pin me in a corner and beat the crap out of me! I live by the motto “Make your characters suffer.” At every turn in my books, I’m asking myself, “how can I add conflict, trauma, and general suffering to this dude/girl’s life?”  I’m sure my characters would hate me if they could meet the man behind the curtain pulling their strings. 
3) Author #3: K.C. Finn
The first thing that springs to mind is “Why do you make our lives so torturous and complicated???”
My answer would be that I follow the essential rule of fiction as laid out by Kurt Vonnegut: Be a sadist. Your characters only show their trye strength and their most amazing qualities when you let them face terrible obstacles and painful situations, so don’t be afraid to put them through the ringer!
4) Author #4: M.J Cunningham
The impact of my first book, Reluctant Guardian, has been great. So many people have written to me telling me the cried the whole way through. I love that. A book that can make you laugh and cry is a success in my mind.
5) Author #5: Chrystal Vaughan
In the book, Eva does speak for herself, and so does her boyfriend Jesse. I think I would give Natasha (the antagonist) the chance to speak. I’m sure she would apologize for what she did to Alex and for what she tried to do to Eva. Natasha had a very hard life; that doesn’t condone killing anyone, but it helps to understand some of the reasons behind her actions.
6) Author #6: Jessica Tornese
I think I would let Sarah explain the reasoning on her destructive behavior and her obsession with ruining lives. I don’t know what I would say for her, other than….I am thinking of writing a spin-off book to the series to share her villainous viewpoint.
7) Author #7: Amanda Strong
“I never asked to be the one who’d to save the world, but the responsibility is mine now, no sense crying about it.  I know who needs me, and I won’t let her down, no matter what it costs.    No matter what sacrifices must be made.”
8) Author #8: Erica Keifer
It depends on what part of the book and how far they have come in their growth, for truly, there is a lot of development in these characters as the storyline progresses. So as not to giveaway the ending, the Allie Collins in the beginning of the book would say she is like Megara from Disney’s “Hercules,” taking lyrics from the song, “I Won’t Say I’m in Love”. Allie would say love is over-used, thrown around with little understanding of the word. She would relate to the lyrics from this song that say, “No chance, no way!” as Allie let’s fear and lack of trust prevent her from believing in love.
9) Author #9: Kelly Risser
Sharon and David, Meara’s parents, would look to justify why they made the choices they did long ago. I think they both are consumed with a lot of guilt and “What if” – like most parents who question whether their decisions are always the right one. Meara narrates the novel, so I think most of what she would have to say is there, although given the choice, she might go off on a well-deserved rant about the unfairness of it all.
10) Author #10: Lauren Taylor

Apella would say, “It’s never too late for redemption.”

11) Author #11: Sherry D. Ficklin
It would probably be Logan, and he’d say, “Have a cookie, then get over it.”
12) Author #12: Sheenah Freitas

“I can’t believe you didn’t want to interview me. I’m endlessly fascinating you know.” –Derek, the merman.

13) Author #13: Michael Thal

I love Koolura, my favorite character. She’s a combination of the best personality traits of my two beloved daughters. And like my daughters, she’s very supportive. So I guess she’d say, “Michael Thal’s books are the coolest around. Put his YA novels on top of your summer reading list.”

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