June Author Interview: Author #2 Fran Veal

Finding My Escape

Fran Veal fell in love with stories as a child and has been making them up ever since. An avid reader, she loves stories with a twist, and her own books are no exception. She published her debut novel, Finding My Escape, in 2011 and the sequel Finding My Way Back in August 2013 with the third to be released (hopefully) later this year. She has most recently had a story accepted by Chicken Soup For the Soul which will be published in August 2014.
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7 thoughts on “June Author Interview: Author #2 Fran Veal

  1. […] as a science fiction writer (or at least that’s what I hoped I could do!). 2) Author #2: Fran Veal I really love mystery and thriller, but I also write in other genres, such as YA – primarily […]


  2. […] at the Supreme Court”, “Murder at the White House”, etc.) 2) Author #2: Fran Veal Oh my gosh, there are so many good ones. I’d have to say Ted Dekker is my fave, fave, fave. […]


  3. […] moments that we can get to know the characters better to care about/root for them. 2) Author #2: Fran Veal Twists and turns and more twists and turns. I think unpredictability is what keeps me reading […]


  4. […] warrants it, and it’s done well, a longer suspense story can work just fine. 2) Author #2: Fran Veal Well, since my books are around 225 to 250 pages each, I’d have to give that question a […]


  5. […] surprise when I get to the end and things actually work out the way they need to! 2) Author #2: Fran Veal I think that would be knowing I’m going to keep someone up at night reading it, hopefully […]


  6. […] real-life incidents (although I’m sure there is unconscious influence there) 2) Author #2: Fran Veal I guess I’d have to say my inspiration comes from a little of all of those, plus dreams, […]


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