The Facebook Posting Rule

Facebook Posting Rule

What you thought you know about Facebook posting?

1) Adding links to your post is effective for marketing — Not anymore! Facebook is a business and if you are posting something on your fanpage to gain profit, you should be paying for the paid advertisement. That’s what they want. Refrain from posting links directly. Type what you want your followers to know in a sentence, post the link in the comment instead. 

2) #Hashtags #works #the #way #you #want — Hell no! Use hashtags only when you know that those keywords will help people to discover your posts better. Do not tag keywords like #sex #porn #sexy when your post is all about “Finding the Right Career” just because you think these tags work better. 

3) Picture are useless — Sometimes, images can help you in sending the message out to followers better.

4) One size fit all — What works for your friend in marketing may not work for you on Facebook. Trial and errors will tell you what works for you.

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Founder of IBP 


4 thoughts on “The Facebook Posting Rule

  1. Great info, thanks Jas! 🙂


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