MARSocial Special Interview: Author #3 K. J. Rollinson

K J Rollinson was born in Salford, Lancashire, moved to Wales aged 12 and also lived in Berkshire.Despite leaving school without any qualifications, the author gained A levels and professional awards through the ensuing years.

The author carved out a career and worked for many years for the National Health Service taking various positions with health authorities within England and Wales, but now lives in Spain.

She has published four books on Amazon. The ‘Fallyn’ trilogy, Fallyn and the Dragons, Fallyn

In the Forbidden Land, Fallyn ND the Sea Dragons, as soft books and Kindle, and The Rode to Justice, (1st grade detective, murder stories) available on Kindle, Short stories by the author have appeared in various publications, includingShorts for Autumn awarded by the Writing Magazine the best anthology written in 2012.

Amazon author’s page which gives details of my books which can be purchased on Amazon, both in soft book and kindle.


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