How To Fight Blog Burnout !

Fighting Blog Burnout

Whoever blogs will know that consistency matters in providing quality contents regularly to your followers. When you stop posting something useful on your blog, the traffic to your blog slows down. Some of your readers would send you emails asking if everything is alright with you! Yes, it has happened to me before when I got sidetracked with a day job and other commitments. 

But, it always feels great to get back to blogging anytime of the day. I feel like being rewarded when I finally hit that ‘publish’ button! What happens the following day is even awesome! I get to read some feedback from random readers. I get to share my opinions and they get to tell what they feel about the issue I wrote about earlier. 

Although consistency matters, if you continue to publish great articles whenever you blog, you will not entirely lose your readers. They will still get to see your posts if they are following you via e-mail. 

If you are receiving ARC’s, let the authors know what they get in return (of course, a review! But when and where?). I’m opening book review submissions for books that I think matter to me and the world in general. Anything that’s related to human rights, women, history, memoirs and etc. I accept paperbacks and in return, authors will get a review, an ‘Author Live Chat with Fans’ session and author spotlight on IBP’s site! 

So, what do you do when you have this blog burnout and you don’t feel like blogging anymore even though you think you enjoy doing it? 


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