Promote Yourself: Jasveena of International Book Promotion

Thank you Jane for allowing this guest post!

Jane Dougherty Writes

I had a request to appear in this spot from Jasveena of International Book Promotion. This isn’t something I would normally do—the intention is to promote authors not businesses—but I made an exception here for two reasons.

Firstly, the service Jasveena proposes might be of interest to some of you authors, but mainly because she has an interesting blog that covers writing and book reviews, but is essentially devoted to articles about human rights, in particular women’s rights. You can visit Jasveena’s blog here


Here is a description of the author services offered via International Book Promotion.

International Book Promotion consists of a team of video enthusiasts and book lovers who aim to connect readers to writers and increase authors’ web presence via video marketing without breaking the bank.
We design visually appealing cinematic book trailers to attract potential buyers and increase web presence via videos. We promote authors via…

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