Happy Holidays! *** Greetings and a few special deals.

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

under ice

Hi, folks! I know the Christmas season is a busy one, so I’ll keep this short. I have several new offerings and a few deals I wanted to share today. See below and let me know if you need something for Christmas so I can get it to you on time!


P.S. You are the only folks to see this sneak peek of the new cover art for UNDER THE ICE, the last of the Gus LeGarde books which will be out soon, probably next month. ;o) I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you. But don’t breathe a word – I’ll be officially “revealing the cover” on Facebook soon!

betrayl audible

DEAL #1: For the next few days, the Kindle version of Betrayal is on sale for 99 cents. This is book 4 in Tall Pines Mysteries, but it can be read as a standalone.

DEALl #2: Theaudiobook

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One thought on “Happy Holidays! *** Greetings and a few special deals.

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Jasse! @v@ ❤


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