eBayism School of Thought

Hell has broken loose and demons have fled;
Beauties on earth Hades bellows must be dead.
I know a weary Crystal lying in her bed;
I must rescue her even if I’ll lose my head.

I walked through fire burning skin of times
Filled with courage, tears, love and rhymes
To find this maiden in her tortured innocence.
Cry not, follow me, please for now in reticence.

Let them take me oh demons of Hades!
My heart handsome mortals have bled for ages.
Leave me you! True love cannot cross my dailies.
She cries, from you men, what have I gotten as wages?

I held unto her as tight as I could,
Poured out my love as honestly as I should.
In my mood I was nude like a Druid,
But will she arise and cease seeing me like another dude?

Can she not see my shining armour?
I cry…

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