What is it About Hiring a Publicist that Makes Authors Cringe?

microphones - publicistIt’s all about the numbers game. As an author we want to reach as wide a market as possible to sell more books to more people – those of us who’ve chosen to attempt to get paid for our writing that is.

So we scrimp and save to hire the right cover designer, the best editor (we can afford), buy a table-sized poster and a book trailer to help sell that hundred print copies we ordered of our book… and then the cash – our budget – runs out.

In a perfect world (or quasi-perfect for an Indie Author anyway) we’d still have a couple hundred left over for publicity – that might entail hiring a company to do a blog tour and enough money to allow us to mail out those giveaway copies of our books done via Goodreads and rafflecopter.

But when it comes to hiring a publicist…

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