What is in a name? by Ashini J. Desai (All About My Name Poetry Series)

Silver Birch Press

Ashini Desai2
What is in a name?
by Ashini J. Desai

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Let’s give it up Juliet!
You never did formally introduce yourself as Mrs. Juliet Montague, did you?
Ever pause when asked your name?
Ever feel your tongue tangled upon an introduction,
hoping you won’t be seen as an imposter.
Had you known, Jules, you would have stayed a Capulet.

I guess you might ask, “why did you do it?”
I admit, the romantic in me wanted to begin our new life as one team,
to share a name creates intimacy, cementing a bond.
Besides, it’s much easier for us to have the same name…
(Easier for whom?)

Yet, I was lost trying to find my eponymous network folders.
I felt I was representing the wrong team,
when asked if I knew another Desai.
I so much want to shout, “No, I’m…

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