Author Needing Votes for Publishing Opportunity


Hello everyone! I’m Bruce Henderson. I am married with two adult children. Next week I will celebrate my 30th anniversary.  I work by day as a Real Estate Broker, Business Consultant, and Controller.   I have toyed with writing a book for 17 years before I finally got serious with trying to publish. My years of work have kept me mired in consultative details.  I have lots of ideas and I’ve found that putting them on paper is something that I enjoy doing. A lot of my inspiration comes from reading about history.

The Publishing Company I am working with includes a process where the Author starts building they’re Platform by acquiring 1000 votes in order to receive

A publishing contract. Once the 1000 votes and a contract agreement is reached, another 1000 votes is acquired during the editing phase after contracts are agreed upon. We are 170 votes away from the first 1000 votes.

Book Synopsis
John and Benny had known each other since elementary school. John became the quiet dependable family man while Benny continued his childlike life of adventure. While they kept in contact, their interaction diminished a little more as each year passed. One day everything changed. John, his wife, and grandmother had traveled to Missouri to meet his new boss and look for housing to go with his new job. They were finishing up visiting the last house with the realtor when a gust of wind split a tree in half and blocked the road. John quickly pulled the car to a complete stop. He started to get out of the car, but something changed his mind. All of a sudden a huge face appeared at the front of the car. It moved over to where it was directly in front of the driver’s side of the car and paused as if it was trying to look at John face to face. What he saw was not
flesh and blood, but it was floating in the air as if it was riding the wind.
The speckled gray hair it had looked almost human, but its face looked like it was part man and part beast. Suddenly, its mouth opened and out if it came winds that felt like it was ripping the car apart. John yelled,“Does
anyone see what I’m seeing”, but no one answered. He was directed to back up to find an alternate route when he found a side road that took them around the tree. As soon as they took the road the face disappeared and the winds died. The next day John arrived back at his office from his trip intent on at least working the remaining half of the day. He was surprised to find out that Benny had called and left a message
about a major discovery he wanted to share with him during an impromptu visit tomorrow. Neither of them knew how the two events would shape their lives.

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